How long have you been in Oman? 
2 years and counting!

How old are you?

How long are you planning to stay? 
Your guess is as good as mine. 

What do you do for work? 
My husband is an airline pilot and I'm a guitar teacher. 

What are your favorite restaurants in Oman? 
Roof top grill house at the Hyatt. 
360° which I blogged about HERE
The Mexican restaurant Senor Pico at the Intercontinental Hotel. 
Kargeen in the MQ.
The Mexican restaurant Pavo Real in the MQ.

What television show did you film for?
House Hunters International! Click HERE to see some pictures during our time filming. And THIS is our episode description. I had an amazing time filming and now I'd like to have my own travel tv show ... so if you want to offer me one, contact me HERE lol ... but yea, I'm being serious. :-)

What's your experience been like raising a dog in Oman? 
I wrote all about it here, Challenges of Raising a Dog in Oman.

How did you go about importing Carlos into America? 
Importing Carlos into America was the EASIEST process ever! I worked directly with Qurum Vets and paid for them to handle all of the necessary paperwork for me. The only thing I really had to do on my end was provide his vaccination card, my flight information, a copy of my passport and make sure Carlos had a health check.

I'd say the hardest part was probably figuring out my flights. You have a few options but I went with Lufthansa. Lufthansa is really known for going above and beyond for animals and Frankfurt (which is where we had our layover) has a doggie hotel where they'll take your pooch for a walk and feed them ... I even heard there's a pool! I was also fortunate enough to have a direct flight from Frankfurt to Boston, so no other stops in between.

You must be wondering about price? Well fortunately, the price was quite reasonable. Instead of having Carlos fly in cargo (which would have been triple the cost), I had him fly as my excess baggage (a.k.a "inhold"). And instead of charging me by weight, Lufthansa charges by size of crate. Because Carlos is a pretty big dog, I had to purchase the biggest crate, which I believe was a 122cm box. In the end, it only cost me $400 to ship him to the USA (doggie hotel included) ... not bad, huh?

Qurum Vets will help you prep your kennel as well, e.g., making sure it's secure, attaching the flight information on top, and attaching dog food for your pup to eat on the layover. Since they are handling imports and exports all the time, they are able to give you a load of helpful tips and information to make your trip a little less overwhelming. They'll even accompany you too the airport (for an extra fee!) if you're needing someone with a big enough car to drive!

So all together you'll have to pay for:

  • a certified kennel (if you don't have one already)
  • whatever it costs to ship your puppy
  • All the necessary paperwork and treatments (Ministry Health Certificate, AQVC Health Certificate, Frontline, Deworming) 
and I think that covers it all .... hope that helps a bit! 
PS: as long as your puppy is healthy, you don't have to worry about any quarantine in the states! 
easy peesy....

What are your favorite things to do in Oman? 
One of my favorite places to visit is the Oman Dive Center and I have pictures HERE and HERE. You can either go for the day or spend the night in a small hut. 

If you are looking for something that's more old city then I'd check out the Mutrah Souk. I did a small post about it HERE when I first started blogging. It's a really neat experience and an awesome place to find gifts and souvenirs. 

Something that is definitely worth checking out is the turtle beach tour at the Ras al Jinz hotel in Sur. I have a blog post HERE with pictures. If you live here and haven't gone yet, then you're missing out! If you're just here visiting, make sure to fit this into your schedule!

Rent yourself an 4WD or better yet, buy one and go off roading ... anywhere. It's a lot of fun. I have a blog post HERE of our off roading experience in Al Khoud. 

Check out one of the many wadis. A popular one is Wadi Shab and for good reason. It's a good hike and a fun place to swim. Although if you're deathly afraid of steepness, like myself, then I wouldn't suggest it! 

There are countless places to go camping. Whether you want to pitch your own tent or visit a campsite already set up like 1000 Nights Camp, you'll have a great unique experience. 

I'm looking to move to Oman, what should I expect? 
I wrote an article HERE that talks about the 'culture shock' that you may experience. Check it out! 

When you're home visiting in Massachusetts, what do you like to do?
If you're visiting Cape Cod then you'll definitely drive through my home town of Wareham. If you're visiting around September/October time then go check out a cranberry bog. I have pictures HERE

If you're looking for an amazing store to buy things from local artists or unique Cape Cod jewelry then check out the Old Company Store

If you're looking for a fun place to eat where you can get a variety (including seafood!) with a nice New England feel then check out Marc Anthony's.

For great summer concerts on the Cape, check out the Cape Cod Melody Tent

And if you're looking for a bit of history then check out Plimoth Plantation.

If you're visiting Boston then my favorite place to eat is the Top of the Hub restaurant in the Prudential building, which has an amazing view of the city. Keep in mind, it's actually the second tallest building in Boston! 

If you're looking for a great place to listen to music then check out the Paradise Lounge

Check out Quincy Market to find an overwhelming selection of food to choose from and visit Faneuil Hall (right next to Quincy Market) to shop around! 

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