Ash and His Documentaries

I received a couple of good questions, yesterday, after posting my blog about Ramadan. I went ahead and changed my blog just a bit to clarify more. If you want to check it out click here

Believe it or not, we have Netflix all the way out here in Oman. The one thing that I love about Ash is that he has a way of making things that seem impossible, possible and somehow he got us Netflix. So now we have a fairly endless amount of shows to choose from. Ash, however, seems to only enjoy watching documentaries. I thought I had lucked out when I found myself a guy that seems to care less about watching sports. Instead I've got myself a guy that loves watching things about wars, guns, conspiracies, presidencies, the frontline, military training, drugs, religions, genocides, diseases etc.
Lucky me :- /
Here's a list of his recently watched shows...

  1. The dark Ages
  2. Protocols of Zion
  3. Secrecy
  4. I.O.U.S.A
  5. How to Fold a Flag
  6. Frontline: Bush's War
  7. Mr. Death: Fred A. Leuchter
  8. Stem Cell Research
  9. Frontline: The Confessions
  10. Worse Than War
  11. The Thin Red Line
  12. War Dance
  13. Generation RX
  14. Moment of Death
  15. American Drug War
When I ask him if we can watch something else he'll scan through the 'Top Picks For Ashley'. For those of you that don't know how Netflix works, the top picks is what Nextflix chooses for you based on what you've previously watched. So basically, I'm screwed. These types of shows depress me and I especially hate watching them right before I go to sleep. It's like a little kid that thinks they can watch Americas Most Wanted right before bedtime but then is too freaked out to sleep alone. Was I the only kid that hated watching Americas Most Wanted right before bed? How can I watch something about concentration camps and then be expected to sleep peacefully? Ugh, I sound like my mom.
The only show that I'm aloud to watch during the day is The Hills and that's when I'm working out. I realize that The Hills is the extreme opposite and is pretty dumb but those skinny bitches keep me motivated and make me want to work out. 

I'll admit, I have learned a lot from his shows but is it a crime to want to watch a dumb comedy every now and then? Man, I long for the day when he's watched every single documentary but knowing Ash, he'll probably just watch them all over again. 

Please god, make it stop. 


  1. lol @ "How to Fold a Flag!" How long is the documentary on THAT 3.5 minutes? Haha

    I totally know what you mean about the "suggested titles." Kyle, Jack, and Reed watch crap like Family Guy, Pawn Stars, Mythbusters, X Games, blah-blah-blah! It totally ruins any suggestions for ME!! lol

  2. haha Ali .. I don't know how you do it being the only girl in your house. I'd go insane!


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