Decisions, decisions.

I think it's funny how making one decision can somehow change the course of your life. Ash and I have made quite a few of those decisions within the past 5months. I would've never imagined back in early February that I'd be married and living in the Middle East within 3 short months. I think we both underestimated the amount of work and money that it would take to make all of this happen. It's amusing to think back to all of the crazy obstacles that we had to go through, in such a short amount of time, in order to make this a reality. It felt like we were part of the season finale of a reality show or something. But I don't regret one minute of it. These are the crazy stories that Ash and I now look back on and laugh in total disbelief, wondering how we even made it through. Prior to moving out here I had many people ask me if I was scared or nervous to be moving to the Middle East and everyone was urging me to be careful. If I wasn't so busy preparing to move maybe I would have been second guessing myself. It's interesting how so many people in America have these misconceptions about the Middle East all because of the media. Many of you, like myself, had never even heard of Oman before. But because of the misconceptions that many people have of the Middle East, I never mentioned that after 2weeks of me being in Oman that Ash had to fly back to the USA to get his ATP license. Originally his company said that it was fine that he didn't have an ATP license but then, like they so often do here, they changed their minds. Ash didn't have a choice but to leave and get his ATP. We had to pay for the roundtrip ticket and the whole ATP course. Unfortunately I had to stay behind in Oman because our credit cards were maxed out. The day before Ash had to leave it was announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. So, I was living in an empty apartment, I didn't know my way around Oman and Osama Bin Laden was just killed ... O, and did I mention that the US Embassy was urging Americans to stay in their homes? How would you feel being in a foreign country alone after only being there for 2 weeks? Makes for one hell of a story that's for sure. But 10 days and $6000 later, Ash was finally back in Oman with me. See, these are the types of stories that we look back on and laugh! Making the decision to uproot our lives and move to Oman was insane but the memories that we are making are irreplaceable. 


  1. I didn't know you were there alone after Osama Bin Laden's death, I would have been pretty nervous too! Love your beautiful pics of Oman, it really is another world...

  2. I want to visit you there someday. Like...extremely badly.

  3. You can come anytime ... you have a free place to stay!


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