Don't take 911 for granted

So I lied, no video blog today. I'll defiantly have a video done for tomorrow though. I'm trying to come up with some clever ideas to keep you all intrigued. I've received a lot of great advice, so for those of you that have sent me messages, I really do appreciate it! 
I find it very interesting the lack of physical addresses in Oman. Mailboxes at the end of driveways do not exist. You can however, get a P.O box. But no one seems to know what their address is. If someone gives you their business card, the address listed is their P.O. Box. You must be familiar with the landmarks in order to find your way around. Our issue is a little more complicated. It doesn't matter how long a person has been a resident of Oman, no one seems to be able to figure out where we live. Ash and I live on a golf course, trust me, the green grass stands out in the desert. We are located directly on the other side of the airport, up on a hill, right next to Bank of Muscat's main branch. But somehow, no one knows how to finds us. We do live in a fairly new development but come on, we live on a gulf course up on a hill in the desert.
Now this concerns me a bit. The local equivalent to '911'  here is '9999'. Unlike the 911 emergency line back home where they can track where your call is coming from, the emergency line here is not able to track your phone call. From what I've read online, it may be necessary to give the operator directions to wherever you are. So, if the local delivery boy whose shop is located by the airport can't find where I live, could I rely on the ambulance to find me? Something else that I find humorous, apparently they only have a few ambulances which means that you may have to find your own transportation. I've read that you'd have better luck getting a taxi. 
Do you appreciate the '911' emergency line a little more now? 


  1. Wow! Reading this makes me realize how much we take for granted here in the U.S! Are you starting to learn your way around?

  2. Yes and no .. there are some places that I feel comfortable driving to but there are other places that I'm not brave enough to venture off to yet. The people here are horrible when it comes to driving, so that makes me nervous. I have ash do the majority of the driving.

  3. It's just like driving in a stamped. As long as you become apart of it, the driving is not hard!


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