It hasn't always been easy, but it sure as hell never been boring.

I've had a lot of people encourage me to start a blog that helps me share everything that's going on here from the other side of the world. I hope to share all of our travels and hopefully do a decent job capturing memories through photos. I also plan to share all of the challenges that we face adjusting to a new country. I never took into consideration all of the different challenges that we would come across living in a non-westernized part of the world. Just a quick example, do you know how difficult it is to find a measuring cup in the Middle East? Or in a country that prefers rice over pasta it's almost impossible to find a strainer. Here's a picture from our dinner tonight. After living here for 3months we were finally able to find a strainer. The strainer cost 6RO which is about $15. Expensive but definitely worth the investment!

Just to give you a quick background, Ash and I got married back in February. About a week after we eloped, Ash left for his new job out in Oman. While he got everything established over in Oman I was back in the states trying to close a chapter in our lives that had brought us together just 3 years prior. It took a lot of work but somehow everything came together and in 2 short months I went from the Midwest to the Middle East. So I'm learning how to be a wife and I'm trying to adjust to a foreign country ... I've got my work cut out for me!

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  1. Looking forward to reading more about Oman! We have too many preconceived notions here about the middle east, it will be interesting to hear about it from someone experiencing it first hand. :-)


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