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I'm also thinking that maybe once a month I'll do an album review. I'm always looking for new artist that aren't popular yet ... it's like finding hidden treasure. So maybe once a month I'll share with you some of my finds.

I've had a lot of people ask me about the local food in Oman. Ash and I have found that the restaurant food is normally over priced and never dependable. We have yet to come across a signature dish or anything that's out of this world amazing. There are things, of course, that differ from back home. Their club sandwiches include a fried egg. It's very difficult to find a good salad. However, I will say that their cucumber salads are very refreshing. Everything lacks flavor and requires tons of salt. They use goat cheese on some of their pizzas. The only items that you'll see on a menu that are found back home are hamburgers, chicken burgers, and fish and chips. On the kids menu you'll find spaghetti and chicken fingers. So far we have yet to find a good steak place. You can't even buy a good steak to prepare yourself. We just checked to see if Omaha Steaks would deliver internationally ... they don't.
All of their desserts look amazing but lack the sweetness that you crave. If I'm pms'ing and I want a piece of cake, I don't want it to taste fat free, dammit!
There is one thing that I can definitely give Oman credit for, their food is fresh and everything tastes homemade. There is no denying that.
There are a few places that Ash and I have found that we like. There is a great Thai place that makes some of the best Chicken Pad Thai. And if we are ever craving some good ol' fashioned American carbs there is a Papa Johns that surprisingly tastes just like home and on Mondays it's buy one get one free. There is a Chili's and all of the Europeans think that it's a great authentic Mexican restaurant. Which reminds me, Ash and I went to a mexican restaurant where all of the Indian workers were dressed in cowboy hats, wrangler jeans, buttoned up shirts and cowboy boots. There was even an Indian band playing country music. We thought that we had found an actual Mexican restaurant. Nope, just Indian food with flavorless chips and salsa : (
And I am ashamed to admit this one but McDonald's has become a good place to go when you're feeling a little homesick (or if I was a bad wife and didn't cook dinner). I've noticed that their burgers seem much bigger than back home. So I get a happy meal and a toy.

We went to an Iranian buffet today and it was actually really good. They had some of the best grilled fish that I've had since I've been in Oman.
We were seated in something that looked like a tent in the desert but it was actually kind of nice.

And the food was really good!

Watermelon and jello

I'll leave you with this picture. I saw this guy standing outside of our apartment yesterday and I thought his clothes looked really comfy. What do you think?

See you tomorrow! 


  1. haha omg that guy looks like hes giving u the stare down.... you beter watch out haha

  2. Wonder if he is wearing the same thing that the Scottish wear under their

  3. Is he posing like a gangsta? lol


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