Things I Wish I Would Have Known

  1. Sand storms are serious shit. Even when you think that all of your windows and doors are closed to your apartment, sand still seems to find its way in. Another thing we've learned, never leave the windows cracked in a car. If an unexpected sand storm rolls through, you're screwed. 
  2. Remember to turn your water heater on before attempting to take a hot shower. There is a water heater switch outside of every bathroom. It took us a couple of days but we finally realized that we should just always keep it on instead of switching it off. Duh. 
  3. The Omani's love incense. Their incense has a very distinct smell and, as a foreigner, it takes a lot to get used to. This same scent is also used for perfume and I swear every man, woman, and child wear it in Oman. Apparently it's from a shrub that they grow here called myrtus communis or yas. As soon as I stepped off the plane I could smell it. I was overwhelmed when I first got here; my body was trying to adjust to the time change, I also came down with a horrible bug and everywhere we went I was trying my hardest not to gag from the incense/perfume. I still dislike the smell but at least now I have my gag reflexes under control. 
  4. The thing in the bathroom of your apartment that looks like a urinal ... it's to clean your feet. 
  5. Buy shoes with thicker bottoms. The ground gets so hot from the sun that if your shoes aren't thick enough, your feet will burn. 
  6. The weekend here is Thursday and Friday. Saturday is the start of the work week and Wednesday always seems to be a half day or just a half ass day. So it's basically like a 3 day weekend. 
  7. Muslims pray 5x a day. They play each prayer over loud speakers. You'll hear it on the streets, in the malls, on the radios, in the supermarkets. The first prayer is played just before sunrise (5am-ish). When you spend your first night here and you wake up to that ... it'll scare the hell out of you.
  8. It is not necessary to tip. Most of the workers aren't allowed to keep it anyways.
  9. There is no public display of affection between men and women but you will see some PDA between men. You'll see male friends walking around holding hands or kissing each other on the cheek. It's their way of showing affection and it's not supposed to be anything sexual. It interesting to see.
  10. I can't believe that Ash doesn't get sun burnt here. Who knew that a red headed boy would be safe here?! 

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  1. Haha! I'm so interested to see what this sent smells like! And I like the no tipping part, it would save me alot of money considering how much i eat out :D


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