Things We Don't Miss

Before I get started I just wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to read my blog. Yesterday I had over 100 views and when I woke up this morning I was over the 800 viewer mark .. you guys are the best! I really do appreciate all of the encouragement that I have received and for those of you that have made pumpkinpolarbear a part of your daily routine, thank you! : )
  I had a plan to go in a different direction today but unfortunately I can't seem to find my usb cord for my camera to upload pictures. So instead I'll go with plan B (which was supposed to be tomorrows blog). When Ash wakes up in the morning, I've noticed that one of the first things he does is check my blog. He's either reading my most recent blog for the first time or he's re-reading it and giving me suggestions. And then he always reads all of the comments. This morning he came back into bed with a huge list of things that he wanted me to blog about  ... titled, 'Things We Don't Miss'. I'm starting to think that he enjoys this whole blogging thing just as much as me. 99% of the things on his list are airline related but you'll want to read through the list even if you're unfamiliar with the aviation world. My husband can be a pretty funny guy. But it will also give you a good inside look into todays aviation world in the US.
  • Not being payed correctly
  • Having checks from the company go to an address that I never lived at
  • Living off of $100 a week for gas, food, and entertainment
  • Gas prices
  • Waking up at 3am to start work. But most of the time, I was never able to fall asleep to begin with.
  • Working 4-6 flights a day with a total duty time of 16hrs
  • Having flights cancel and not being paid protected
  • Staying in hotels in the worst part of town or hotels that were under construction because they were cheaper. 
  • Seeing Brian Bedford's (CEO) mansion on Undercover Boss 
  • Stealing breakfast food from the hotels so I could eat later
  • Only being able to afford one meal a day
  • Being hungry all of the time
  • Driving home to an apartment in a sketchy neighborhood
  • The upstairs neighbor blasting techno music and causing the apartment to vibrate
  • The neighbor downstairs beating his girlfriend
  • Eliza calling the cops after I was the last person to see them argue
  • Having to carry a gun anytime I left the apartment
  • Living in Ohio
  • Being told every winter that pilots would be laid off in the summer
  • Crew scheduling
  • The head of crew pay. She had a phone but was never taught how to pick it up
  • Having a Chief pilot, whom you've met 5-6 times, not remember your name. Who forgets a guy named Ashley? 
  • Frenchy
  • Buncayo flying super slow just to make an extra 10min of pay and causing passengers to miss their connections
  • The FAA. Their motto is "We Are Here to Help".. yea, help take away your license to work.
  • All of the crazy flight attendants
  • Captain Tall Tale
  • The Captain that spoke in cartoon voices all of the time
  • People explaining explicit sexual stories
  • Living in a crash pad with 15 people ... so that's 16 total
  • People thinking you made a lot of money. I was barely making minimum wage and I was gone 6 months out of the year.
  • Not being on a normal sleep schedule
  • Maxing out at 32K a year
  • Paying a union that doesn't help you
  • Flight Attendants desperate to marry a Captain
  • Not having an APU during the summer
  • Deicing during the winter 
  • The Flight Attendant that said she was Eliza's friend but tried getting me into her room.
  • Last but not least, paying TAXES!
Since I was the one responsible for editing his list, I can honestly say that his list was much longer than that but I had to cut him off at some point. ; )


  1. yea that aint art thats just creepy haha

  2. I lost it at Frenchy!!!! Hysterical... good thing Im going back to school!!! You two are awesome! Love ya and miss you both!

  3. You're going back to school? Good for you!!!! How exciting! We miss you too!!

  4. Damn dirty flight attendants! Who's Captain Tall Tale?

  5. O boy .. I can honestly say that I had the privilege of naming him Captain Tall Tale and saying it to his face. He was a captain that was well known for exaggerating the truth ... to the point where it was no longer realistic. He always had to one up whatever you said. He's huge, drips sweat from just pushing buttons in the cockpit and Ash hated flying with him.

  6. funny,funny,funny! I needed that laugh honey!`~` love you!

  7. "This aint your first rodeo!"lol!

  8. hey liza, its des just wanted to tell you i just caught logan "reading" your blog..i said logan what are you doing he said just reading lol. i8-=-8un- thats him saying hi!


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