Album Review #1

Apparently I've been out of the loop. I'm just now hearing about this band called 'The Civil Wars'.

I would describe their music as folk/acoustic/hillbilly melodies. Their beautiful harmonies are magical and haunting. I love the simplicity to their music and I love how their songs are able to stand alone without the help of many instruments or fancy production. If you haven't already, please do yourself a favor and take a listen. Here is one of their more popular songs ...

And I've got some great news ... if you really like what you've heard, you can go to their website and you can download their live album for free! Once you've downloaded their live album, make sure to also download their latest single 'Barton Hollow' for free as well. You'll find it on the right side of their website. And once you've listened to them, please please please let me know what you think:-)

This is off topic but I'm going to leave you with this picture...
The man, on the crosswalk signs in Oman, looks more like an apeman than a human. I think it's funny looking. Would you agree?


  1. WHY ARE HIS ARMS SO LONG?! I think I love the apeman. Speaking of apemen - I work in Fall River now, and when I was driving to work yesterday there was a man dressed in a gorilla suit standing on the corner and just walking back and forth. He didn't have any signs promoting anything. He wasn't handing out anything. He was just .. dressed in a gorilla suit. PS i've never heard of this band either. Not bad lizey.

  2. So was the gorilla a funny sight to see or a scary one? I think I'd be a little freaked out especially with all the bear sightings you guys have been having out there.


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