And So It Begins

We were warned about the crazy driving during the month of Ramadan. Since some of the symptoms of fasting include fatigue, irritability, and lack of focus, we can probably just go ahead and assume that the driving here in Oman will be a bit more ridiculous than the norm. The U.S. Embassy sent out an email this morning and here's one of the things that they wanted to inform U.S. citizens of:

"During Ramadan, some Muslims may get less sleep and tend to be more fatigued during daylight hours. To the extent possible, U.S. citizens are advised to avoid driving from 1330 to 1430 and from 1800 to 1930 hours, the peak rush hours during Ramadan".

Yesterday was the start of Ramadan and sure enough, as soon as we pulled out of our apartment complex, this is what we saw...

A truck tipped over and spilled everything onto the road.

Oh Oman, you never cease to amuse me. 


  1. What is all that stuff on the ground?

  2. well I guess that it's not as obvious as I thought it would be b/c I just had someone ask me the same question ... the truck fell over and all of those boxes are what fell out, all over the road.

  3. Hahahaha.... That's crazy!!!! Jesse would not last a day there!!!


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