Confession: I'm A Girly Girl

I can be quite a girly girl sometimes. I love makeup, shopping, tanning, getting my hair done and getting my nails painted wacky colors. For me, nothing is more therapeutic than getting dressed up, buying some clothes and then finishing up the day with a mani/pedi. However, these perks aren't easy to come by in Oman and has left me with no choice but to be a la natural ... curly hair and pale skin.
Here's my 'Before Oman' pic.

Ugh, I miss having tan skin and straightening my hair. I can't help but feel like a ragamuffin with my curly hair. I'm still trying to get used to it.

When it comes to clothes in Oman, there is a nice selection to choose from. However, the clothes seem to be tailored towards the tall, skinny, European women; not a short, curvy, American girl.
Come on Oman, let's bring in shirts that fit a girl with a chest size bigger than a C cup... thanks!

As you can imagine, you can't find any tanning booths in Oman. Unfortunately I don't tan very well in the sun and even if I did, I don't have the patience to lay out for an hour or more. And then I have to remember to turn my body around so I can get an even glow .... blah, too much work. I'd rather go to a tanning booth for 10min. But tanning booths are non-existent here. The Omani women look for ways to lighten their skin, not darken it. It was a shock to me the first time I saw a girl walking through the mall with white powder on her face and super red lipstick like a geisha,.

My hair is naturally super super super curly. Most hairdressers can't straighten my hair. The ones that think they can are quickly reminded that dealing with ethnic hair requires a special kind of talent. I haven't found a hairdresser yet that I think can do my hair. I normally can sense if a person is capable of doing my hair just by how they touch it. You can't be a wuss when it comes to ethnic hair.

I finally found a place that does shellac nails, which I love. I haven't gone yet but I'm super excited to try it out sometime. My nails haven't been painted since I originally flew out here.

So lately I've been feeling gross and unkempt and feeling like I majorly need a makeover. I can't wait to take advantage of all the things that America has to offer when I visit in the fall... God knows I need it. 

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  1. yea from the videos youve made it lloks like you could use a make over haha jk jk jk <3 u liza :)


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