Just The Boost I Needed

Two very exciting things happened today.

First, I was told by some of Ash's female coworkers to not plug any of my hair appliances into the wall with a converter because the voltage is still too high and will cause the appliance to blow. So, all this time I've been wearing my hair curly and researching hair straighteners that I could buy with a dual voltage. This morning I said hell with it and tried my Chi flat iron anyways ... I didn't really have anything to lose. And like magic, it worked! I've got my silky straight hair back ... how I've missed it.

And, if that wasn't exciting enough for ya, today at the supermarket, I found plastic tampons!!!

I was tempted to buy a whole shelf full but I contained myself so that others could enjoy the easy glide of plastic tampons.

Celebrate with me folks, this is exciting stuff! 


  1. So glad to see you smiling! It's the little things in life! You look beautiful!

  2. awww thanks Maritza. And yes, it is the little things in life. Just a couple days ago I was down in the dumps... who knew that all I needed was some plastic tampons to turn that frown upside down.

  3. Now all you need is some double chocolate brownies!

  4. actually I want that cake that you uploaded on facebook a while ago .. I can't get it out of my mind lol.

  5. hahaha oh tampons. reminds me of this story i heard once about some serious confusion as to where a tampon goes. Can't quite remember who was confused...... I LOVE YOU

  6. hahahahahahahahahahahaha NOOOOO!!!


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