My Future Child

My dream dog, future child and cuddle buddy...

No, I did not take this picture. It's just a picture that I found on google images. I have wanted an English Bulldog for years. Since my previous life kept me on the road for about 20 days out of the month, I was never able to enjoy the company of this little fella. Instead, I would watch episodes of Fantasy Factory and envy Rob Dyrdek for having TWO lovable English Bulldogs. Damn you Rob Dyrdek. 
When I moved to Oman my plan was to buy one; since I'm a stay at home wife, I thought I could use the companionship. But I didn't take into consideration the heat and all of the dust in the Middle East, which are basically the two worst things for an English Bulldog. I've been trying to research other potential candidates but nothing is as cute as my dream puppy:( 
Although, I am also considering this ...

This is the Chinese Shar Pei. They end up getting a little bit bigger than the English Bulldog. I haven't read anything about them having issues with dust. It is best to keep them indoors, which is a plus. They require plenty of shade when they are outside and they don't like the heat. Ugh, another setback. 

I don't know what to get. May be I should eventually get the Chinese Shar Pei but avoid keeping him in the sun for too long. I can't see myself loving a dog as much as a Chinese Shar Pei or an English Bulldog. I don't like dogs with long hair and I can't see myself cuddling with a beagle or a poodle, or a terrier. 

I can promise you this, my friends. If you buy me and ship me a Chinese Shar Pei, I will love you forever : - )

PS: This is my homepage on my computer

Do you see how serious this is? 


  1. Lol, I know a solution you guys can move closer and then buy one :)But any dog you get you will fall in love with it..

  2. NOT TRUE DES!!!! I don't generally like animals ... except english bulldogs and Chinese Shar Pei's ... don't try to put false information in my head!

  3. those dogs are sooo cute :)


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