Ramadan Update

Ramadan has been in full affect for the past 10 days now. Other than the restaurants being closed during the day, I haven't noticed things much different from the norm. However, the driving in Oman has gotten way out of hand. Today I drove to the mall, which is about 5 min from our apartment, and I almost got into 3 accidents. None of which were my fault, by the way. It's just absolutely insane and dangerous. You have to be very very cautious when you're on the roads. If I can drive here, in Oman, I think I can probably drive anywhere; although, I have heard that India is a horrible disorganized mess.

So here is a link to a write up in the newspaper. It's pretty interesting to read about what's going on here on the roads. It reassures me that I'm not crazy and it's not something that I'm making up in my mind. Here's one thing that I pulled from the site:

"36 accidents have already occurred during the first two days of the Holy Month which resulted in the death of four people and injured 11 others. Excess speed and haste are the main reasons of most incidents that occur during Ramadan."

And here is another link to an article that was written about Ramadan last year. This is something that I pulled from the article:

"According to the statistics issued by the General Directorate of Traffic Administration, 621 road accidents were reported during the Holy Month of Ramadan last year, resulting in the death of 67 people and injuries to 754."

As you can see it is a serious issue and not something that I'm making up. No wonder we were warned to avoid the roads during Ramadan. 


  1. Geez! That is definately scary to think about! I would prob stay home during Ramadan.

  2. god damn it eliza, no more mall trips during ramadan !

  3. Okay Nickypoo, I won't go anymore.


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