Sultan Qaboos

Prior to moving to Oman, this was the only Sultan that I was familiar with.

Then on my flight from Atlanta to Dubai I met a women who informed me of the real life Sultan of Oman. Here is Sultan Qaboos...

Unlike the Sultan in Aladdin, Sultan Qaboos does not have a hot daughter and, as far as I know, there is no crazy guy like Jafar lurking around. Sultan Qaboos has done a lot for the country of Oman.  He has expanded tourism and has built hotels, malls and highways and has done a lot for the education and healthcare in Oman. You will find a picture of him everywhere you go. Every shop, highway, restaurant, and hospital has a picture of him up high and everything seems to be named after him. I've actually contemplated whether or not to hang a picture of him above our apartment door. 

wouldn't that be a hoot?

just kidding.


  1. Is that a knife in his pants??

  2. I don't know how they attach it but that knife has some sort of significance .. I need to look it up because I don't remember.

  3. Des: Arabs don't wear pants, they wear a loose flowing robe, underneath they wear white shorts or PJs (not the ones used to sleep but like what people wear in India and Pakistan.

    Visit for more info.

    Eliza: It is an Omani Dagger, it comes with a belt to fasten it around the waist. It is part of the official national dress of Oman. Variations of this dagger are used in UAE, Yemen, Qatar, and KSA.


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