10 years ago today I was 13yrs old and I was supposed to be starting my first day of homeschooling. I remember sitting in my room and my parents calling my siblings and I downstairs to watch the news. What was supposed to be our first day of school turned into us sitting on the couch for 8hrs and watching the biggest invasion that our country has ever seen unfold before our eyes. It was such a devastating and eerie day. I remember feeling so confused and terrified and wanting to know, so badly, what the hell was going on. Since the planes originated from Boston, I remember the city being on high alert, as much of the country was. I remember my dad headed to Boston for work and wishing he'd just call off. I remember later on in the evening going to Wal-Mart and how empty the aisles were and how deathly quiet everyone was. Wal-Mart had the news playing on every television in the front of the store and I remember wishing that they'd turn it off, I didn't want to see anymore coverage. I remember being awakened somewhere around 1-2am by the local Air Force base flying one of their planes super low over our small town.

Since then, I've met flight attendants who worked that day and they've shared with me their stories of getting stranded in random cities and needing to find ways, other than flying, to get home. I've met heroic New York fire fighters that were injured, while trying to save lives at ground zero. I've met many young US soldiers willing to risk their lives for our freedom. It's unbelievable how that one day has impacted and changed all of our lives in some way. I'm sure many of you remember the events that took place in your life that very same day. Every US citizen has a story of their own to share.

One thing is for sure, I will never forget how our country came together that day and I am proud, more than ever, to be from such a great country.

May we never forget. 

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