Amman, Jordan

It has been a long 3 days. We traveled all day Wednesday to Jordan, Thursday was Petra, and today was the Dead Sea. We've had a great time so far and I thought that I'd upload some pictures that we've taken.

Here is a view of the Middle East from the airplane ... I can't remember where we were exactly.

We stopped off in Beirut, Lebanon for a few hours...

Ash and I decided to take a private tour to both Petra and the Dead Sea; we didn't want to waste the little time that we had in Jordan trying to find our way around. We had the same tour guide both days and he was nice enough to bring us to a couple extra places. Our tour guide introduced us to a man that was apparently very rich but preferred to live in a cave, about 20min outside of Petra. He had transformed the inside of his cave into a shop filled with Jordanian culture; including, local handmade jewelry, ancient coins, Bedouin attire and artifacts. The walls were covered with pictures of him with the King of Jordan and the Pope ... pretty impressive. He made Ash and I some tea and then showed us around his shop... here are some of the pictures that I took.

The outside of his cave

and the inside

Let's not talk about my crazy bright shirt. 

He let Ash and me try on his Bedouin attire. FYI: I'm not actually wearing the dress ... the hole for the head was too small. I'm pretty sure that we talked about my large head in a previous blog. 

When we left, he gave both Ash and I a stone that he said was for luck. When Ash tried to pay him for the stones, he refused to take our money and said that it was a gift. He's such a cool guy. 

Next was our tour through Petra. It was quite an exhausting trip. 4hr drive to Petra, 3hr walk in the hot desert sun, and then a 4hr drive back. I think I experienced heat stroke for the first time since I've been in the Middle East. Desert Rule # 1: Always drink enough water!!
I think one of the craziest parts during the Petra trip was seeing signs on the highway for the Iraqi border and the Saudi border ... crazy! 
Here are the Petra pics...

The Dead Sea was a half day tour, since the drive is only about 40min from Amman. I can't imagine it being possible to drown in the Dead Sea ... your body literally floats. You can't even swim in it, anytime you try, you're body flips itself over.
I thought it was funny that they had a lifeguard by the water ... but then I realized that he was just there to blow a whistle if anybody floated out too far; Israel owns half of the Dead Sea.

Oh, and the sun was so intense at the Dead Sea! I think I tanned in about 10min and Ash had to be careful not to burn. The salty water definitely made your skin feel nice and soft, but unfortunately I made the mistake of shaving my legs before going and my legs were on fire!!!!

Ash with his 'lying on the couch' pose.

Afterwards our tour guide took us for a drive around the old city of Amman and then the new city Amman.

Their famous Mosque


  1. This is awesome! Great pictures!

  2. Hahaha still laughing at the pic of that guy pointing a gun at Ash..

  3. that picture of ash with that guy is one of the best pictures i have ever seen. Love your pictures from your trip, very interesting!! Im jealous of all the things you are getting to see and do in your life!!

  4. hi guys,wow great pics!you both look awesome! i got alittle nervous when i seen the gun aimed @ ash...the Lord knows that we dont have any ransome money!!thought i might have to pull a ''taken''move!LOL.(but who knows what im capable of)love you guys!stay out of those isolated areas that i seen in the pics!be safe.xxoo mom


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