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I saw the music video to this song yesterday at a cafe. I was super curious to know what the heck they were singing about. The house they're in reminds me of Jim Carrey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Here's the video and I posted the lyrics underneath it. Some of the words aren't translated. I couldn't find the complete translation, but you'll get the idea.

Ya 3eyoun mama

Yes, my dear

Baba fein
Baba nam
Ya salam
3ayez eih
3ayez edkhol el7amam

Where is dad?
Dad's asleep
What do you want?
I need to go to the bathroom

Batal ya wad enta sha2awa ba2a
Wala 3ashan rou7i feek met3ala2a
Ya mama yallah bsor3a efta7i ba2a
Matbatal ya wad enta sha2awa ba2a

Stop being naughty already
Or (are you pushing your limit) because you know I love you
Mommy, hurry up and open the door already
Quit being naughty already

Tab bossi a2olek
Ana kalt elkoukou
Khalast elkoukou
Kan 7elo elkoukou
Wana bakol elkoukou
Wasakht edaya

Alright listen to what I'm gonna tell you
I ate the chicken
The chicken was delicious
While I was eating the chicken
I got my hands dirty

Tab boss ha2olak
Hatrou7 3ala odtak
W hatedkhol odtak
Hatala3 foutak
W ana sanya w gaya

Ok listen to what I'm gonna tell you
You're gonna go to your room
And you'll go inside
You'll get your towel
And I'll be there right away

Tab khalas khalas khalas
Yallah khalas khalas khalas

Ok enough enough enough
Alright enough enough enough

7abibi 3amal elwageb wala etnasa
Ya mama bokra elgom3a mafish madrasa
Tab 7a2ak 3ala rassee ya 7abibi sorry
Mama 3adi mama easy mama dont worry

Baby did you do your homework or did you forget?
Mommy tomorrow is Friday there is no school!
Alright excuse me, baby I'm sorry
It's ok mommy, mommy easy* Mommy don't worry
(*easy basically means to take it easy)

Tab fein dabdoub
Wel erd elnew
W 3arousti elbarbie
Wel ????
W Spider-Man

Ok then where is my teddy bear
And my new monkey
And my Barbie doll
And ....
And Spider-Man

Tab boss ha2olak
Hatrou7 lel dada
Hat2oul lel dada
Hatgeebhom dada
Yabu noss lesan

Ok listen tell you what
You'll go to the nanny
You'll tell the nanny
And the nanny will get them for you
Mister smart-mouth

Fhemna khalas khalas khalas
We get it, enough enough enough

Abadan yakhwati msh ma32oula
Tekoun di demagh tefl fi sana 2oula

This is impossible people
That this is the mind of a child in first grade

3ayez eih
3ayez edrablou salam

What do you want?
I want to greet him

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  1. Love how the husband just lays there like nothing's going on...and her fancy pajamas. Lol, this is funny and strange!


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