Get To Work, People

I thought that I'd share the WORST way to start your day in the Middle East.
It was 6am, Ash was at work and I was in a dead sleep. I woke up to this horrible deafening sound coming from the outside of my window; the sound was similar to an aircraft taking off. It kept getting louder and louder. I peaked out my window and all I saw was smoke. I ran into the living room and looked out the windows and saw more thick smoke.
haha, it was just a guy power washing the apartment buildings. But damn, at 6am? WTF? I almost had a heart attack. It probably wouldn't have frightened me as much if I was in America but ... ya know, this is the Middle East and all lol ;-)

For those of you that are curious of the Berklee Contest winner, here is the winning video! This girl makes me wish that I never stopped playing the violin!

So, what do ya think?

I have a question to ask you all. I'm trying to come up with job ideas for myself. I'm having a hard time finding anything here in Oman. Do you have any clever ideas? Anything online worth checking out? Please give me any suggestions ... I'd love to start making my own money again. Preferably something that allows me to be creative but I'm willing to do anything at this point. Please, any ideas will help!

I have found myself quite frustrated living here. Maybe I'm just ready to visit home for a bit or maybe I am fed up. It's hard to get anything accomplished in this country. I find that the majority of the workers here are lazy and unwilling to do their jobs correctly. I feel like I've moved to a country where customer service hasn't been invented yet. I think it's incredible when you need something done, as a customer, and no one is willing to help, however, if they are the ones needing something from you, they will do whatever it takes to get their way. For example waiting a month and a half for an internet reimbursement that was only supposed to take 2 weeks. Instead of doing their jobs correctly the first time, they lie and tell us that they have no cash on hand to reimburse us. So then we visit about 4 branches and everyone has some excuse as to why they can't give us our money. Lo and behold, they were just too lazy to do the extra paperwork. Another example, I'll do a big grocery shopping trip on my own and instead of the cashier helping me pack my bags, he walks away. Another example, the company you work for tells you that your wife's insurance card will be ready in a week... 5months later you finally get it. Oh and you would think that a business would have the same guidelines no matter which location you're at, right? Wrong! Every place will give you a different answer. Nothing is consistent. If something is done one way, chances are that next time, it'll be done completely different. Nothing makes logical sense. And I swear, instead of giving a customer an honest answer, they lie. Even when they know that you know that they're lying, they'll still continue to lie. It's as if they make things up out of thin air. I'm telling you, it's really unbelievable and I've never seen anything like it. These examples may sound kind of petty but when you have to live with this day after day, it gets old, fast! I remember just before I moved out here and Ash was telling me about it, I thought he was just exaggerating. I quickly realized that everything that he warned me of is true.

Sorry for that rant, I had to get it off of my chest. November can't come soon enough ... I can't wait for our vacation!!!

One last thing, Dexter starts in less than 3 weeks ... anyone else excited? I love the season 6 trailor!


  1. My internet is acting up, couldn't play the video...but regardless, your video was awesome I'm sorry you didn't win.
    ..You're an excellent guitarist and pianist, and now that you're handy with web videos why not give online lessons? You could charge your customers directly, or just do it like a blog, get a following, and make money off of the ads that are on your site.
    Looking forward to Dexter!!! I still need to see season 5! Once I start watching I can't stop, though...I go on all night Dexter binges, lol.

  2. haha Ash and I watched season 1-4 within one week last year ... it's crazy addicting! How did you like season 4 btw? That one was my favorite!!
    And I love your idea! I'm going to brainstorm it and think of how I could do it .. I've also been thinking about making jewelry with the seashells here. I really want to make necklaces. I was thinking of possibly selling in boutiques or set up something online, if they're good enough of course.

  3. hey girl -

    if you're crafty at all, you should check out selling on - i have a shop on there and i really, really enjoy it. if you could do something unique to Oman, i am sure it would go over really well, and i could even give you some help/pointers as someone who's had a shop on there for almost a year. think about it :)

    oh, if you want to check out my etsy, it's located at


    -liz clayton

  4. Awesome idea Liz... thanks so much, I'll def look into it!!

  5. I was really considering your idea Liz but then I looked into the shipping costs out of Oman ... almost $250! If I were to do the reverse and ship from the US to Oman, it would be $100 cheaper ... ridiculous!

  6. oh no, that's awful! :/ maybe you could make something semi-american and ship it only to oman?

    so sorry about the postage, that sucks!


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