Oman vs. Jordan

It's definitely not fall in Oman but I'm sure as hell going to pretend like it is. I just ate some apple pie with a side of vanilla ice cream. While I was eating, I used my imagination and pretended that I was sitting on a hammock, looking at all the foliage on the tress while leaves were gradually falling to the ground all around me and the smell of a chimney fire in the distance.
Ah, I miss fall in New England. I hope you all are enjoying your pumpkin spice lattes.

Ash and I got back from Jordan a couple nights ago. I never imagined that I'd actually dread coming back to Oman, but I did. Even though Jordan is still part of the Middle East, it still felt far more advanced than Oman. Even though Jordan had way more camels, goats and sheep, and I swear I saw some Jesus look a-likes running around; it still felt like Jordan was further along than Oman. The customer service exceeded my expectations; but then again, compared to Oman, anything probably would have exceeded my expectations. Most people I came across were wearing normal clothes, which was completely unexpected but so exciting to see. I didn't realize how much I actually missed seeing people in regular clothes. But my favorite part about Jordan was the weather. It was perfect outside every single day. I think the temperature was somewhere in the mid 80's and breezy and then the evening would drop down to the 60's ... wow, what a nice break! I actually wanted to get up in the morning and go sit outside, just to breathe in the air. Oman's air is very thick and hot and sometimes very humid. I'm guessing that during the winter months (Dec-Feb), Oman will be around the same as Jordan currently is or possibly cooler, hopefully.
One of the only downfalls about Jordan was that I noticed the Arab men stared at me much more than the Arab men in Oman. In Oman, the Indian men will stare at you like crazy. It's aggravating but you learn to deal with it. The Arab men in Oman don't stare as much, they do on occasion but definitely not nearly as much as the Indian men. But in Jordan, the Arab men were really bad and it was to the point where I didn't feel comfortable walking around by myself. Although, I'd be willing to give Jordan a second chance, maybe it was just the areas we were in.
Another thing that surprised me about Jordan... I actually got a decent fish & chips at a bar in the airport. I was majorly skeptical at first, since no restaurant in Oman is able to make a decent fish & chips. I've noticed, in Oman, that most places leave on the skin to the fish, so it ends up having a really bad fishy taste. But this little bar in the airport, in Jordan, had great fish & chips. I would've stayed longer just for that.

So between the fish & chips, the weather and all of the regular attire, I'm sold on Jordan.

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