Pet Peevin' Them Shenanigans

This needs to be addressed.
One of my biggest pet peeves has to do with facebook. I highly dislike statuses that go something like this...
"Dear _____, can you please yadda yadda yadda, k thanks!" 
It was kind of clever the first couple of times I read it but it's just not funny anymore. I realize that my opinion means nothing at all but I'm willing to do anything that I can to put an end to it.
Definitely pet peevin' them shenanigans.

Who's With Me? 

So, today I signed up for my first Berklee Music online class. I'm very excited about this new opportunity to study music. It has been a life long dream of mine to take classes with Berklee and I'm glad that I'm finally getting that chance. When Ash surprised me the other day and told me that I could sign up for the program I was speechless and I felt my cheeks flush and my eyes well up with tears... one of the best gifts ever. I leaned in and gave Ash a big kiss on the cheek ... and then I got the typical Ashlan response "ewww, you're sick!" 

I always knew he loved me.

I love you too Ashlan:-)

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