I've made some progress! I'm finally comfortable with driving around Oman, which feels like such an achievement. I no longer have to wait around for Ash to come home from work to bring me places. I feel a little more independent and it's nice. I'm not as intimidated by all the reckless driving that people do here and I'm not nervous to venture off on my own anymore. It definitely took some time but I finally got up the confidence that I needed. This is especially helpful now that Ash started working some crazy hours. Last night he started work at midnight and got home around 7am. And tonight he's leaving for 7pm and won't be back until 7am. He'll have this schedule for the next few days which means he sleeps all during the day. Kind of a sucky schedule but what can you do?

I'm also pretty happy that I found a decent salon today. I'm really skeptical when it comes to new hair stylists but the girl that trimmed my hair actually did a great job. I'm always worried that the stylist will cut off too much hair. Sometime around 2006-2007 I cut my hair really short. It was practically at my chin. Worst mistake EVER!! If I wanted to wear my hair curly, instead of having defined pretty curls, my hair poofed out and looked like a fro. It was then that I realized that short hair would never suit me. I also realized, during this time, that I kind of have a big short hair is a no no. Since then, I've been letting my hair grow and I'd probably be devastated if a hair stylist screwed that up for me. But I got a great cut, so all is well!

Slowly but surely things are coming together. Sometimes I wish things would happen at a quicker pace but I'm learning to enjoy the moment I'm living in now, because these moments seem to pass us by so fast. 


  1. for some reason i just read "but i got a great cut" as "but i got a crew cut" ...and then it made me nervous.

  2. LOL that would be disgusting with my big head and all.


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