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I hope you all have a bucket list filled with things that you're determined to do before you die. I don't have a physical list (though I should probably make one) but I definitely have a bucket list in the back of my mind. I am well aware of the things I want to accomplish before I die (or before I have kids). There are dreams that I have already checked off my list but the things I want to do still outweigh the things I have done. One of my BIGGEST dreams (the top 3 on my bucket list) is to go on a European Tour with one of my favorite singers. This is one of those dreams that I HAVE to accomplish before I have a kid.... sidenote: I'm not planning to have a child anytime soon but just in case a 'whoopsie daisy' happens, I'm determined to go on a European Tour. 

So here is my plan: I realize that this dream is easier said than done and to be honest with you, I have no idea how to make this dream a reality. I've been brain storming ideas and I've sent all of my favorite artist emails and haven't heard anything back from any of them. For all they know I could be a complete looney with bad intentions. So this is my next strategy... I'm putting my BIGGEST dream on my blog for the world to see. Ash has always encouraged me to go after my dreams and to not be afraid to ask ... so, I'm asking. I have no idea who exactly looks at my blog but I do know, for a fact, that I have viewers from all over the world and maybe someone can help me make this a reality. And apparently there can only be up to 6 degrees of separation between me and the people that I want to tour with so ... I've got pretty good odds then, right? 

Why a European Tour, Eliza? Because I have always wanted to tour Europe but for some reason I've always envisioned touring Europe with a band. 

Who exactly do you want to tour with? Here are the bands that I would like to tour with .... this is in no particular order.
  • Adele
  • Ingrid Michaelson
  • One Republic
  • The Civil Wars
  • Brooke Fraser
  • Sara Bareilles
  • Eliza Doolittle
  • Natasha Bedingfield

What would you like your job to be while on tour? ANYTHING!! I will cook, clean, wash clothes, make coffee, set things up, tear things down, tune guitars, back up singer, guitarist, back up dancer, photographer, dog walker, hair stylist, driver. I do play the guitar and piano and sing, so you may utilize any of those abilities but definitely not obligated to. You DO NOT have to pay me ... just give me a place to sleep. And I promise to work hard! 
My reward is being surrounded by incredible music and touring Europe ... that is all I want. 

If you or someone you know is capable of making this dream a reality, please contact me HERE


  1. you should send an email to those guys from that show on mtv....the buried life, i think its called. if you've never seen the show, the premise is that these guys have a bucket list and they go around and knock things off the list one by one. Along the way they help someone accomplish something on their bucket list too. Worth a shot!!

  2. Doing it now Nicky ... good idea!!


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