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Ash and I just got back from visiting the eastern part of Oman. We went off-roading in the desert, checked out a wadi, went to the turtle beach to watch the Green Turtles lay eggs and we also got a chance to see some eggs hatch, and we went four wheeling up a ridiculously high mountain. Our rental car went through hell but we definitely had a good time. 

The desert was really neat. If it weren't for the creepy locals that kept following us around and trying to flag us down, I probably would have tried climbing some sand dunes. But I didn't because the locals were really weirding us out. 

Next we headed over to a wadi. A wadi is basically like a river in the desert. Here is a little video that I took so you can see what I mean. 

So much for my bathing suit
It's a great place to wash dishes
The following morning we went to the Turtle beach, which we also did back in June but we wanted to come back later in the season to catch the baby turtles hatching and to watch them find their way into the ocean. Do you know that a green turtle lays up to 100 eggs and out of the 100 eggs only about 2 survives? *Insert Ash singing The Circle of Life to me* :-(
Ash and I woke up at 2:45am for our turtle tour that started at 4am. Watching the sun rise over the ocean was beautiful! 

Here's a little animated picture that I made of the green turtle heading back into the ocean after laying eggs.

And here's another animated picture that I made of the baby turtle making its way into the ocean.

Here's a picture of all the turtle holes ... where they burry their eggs.

And then later on that day we went four wheeling up a super super high mountain. It was an intense rugged terrain and there was a scary death trap of a cliff only about 3 feet away from us the entire time. This part of the trip was not captured well in pictures. Anyone that knows me well knows that I am deathly afraid of steepness. Heights don't bother me but if I'm high up on a steep incline, I'm probably balling my eyes out. So yea, I was crying and could hardly breathe in a panic on the way up  ... here's my 'I made it to the top' photo.

Here is a picture of a mountain goat that I took. This picture creeps me out because it looks like the goat actually posed for the picture. I swear to you, I didn't  photoshop this picture.

Doesn't it look like he's smiling or am I going crazy?

There were people that actually lived on the mountain ... I don't know how the hell people end up on a mountain.

Here's a little video that I took of our way down the mountain. I did not shoot this during the intense part of the drive ... it was towards the bottom of the mountain. But I think it gives you somewhat of an idea.

And finally, we finished off our trip at a sinkhole

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