Idiot's Abroad

You wanna see something funny? Ash brought home a newspaper today to show me an advertisement that he thought was hilarious. This was on the front page of the main newspaper in Oman.

Did you notice how they left out the last word? Treatment for the curvature of the "....." hahaha

Ash and I finished watching the first season of 'An Idiot Abroad' this week (highly recommended). My friend, Nicole, suggested that we watch the Petra episode before heading to Jordan and we've been hooked on the show ever since. The show is about a guy (Karl Pilkington) who travels around the world visiting the Wonders of the World. Apparently Karl has no forewarning as to where he's going and he always ends up in some shithole living arrangement and is always forced to participate in some outlandish cultural ritual, depending upon what country he is visiting. So basically you get to see his reactions to all of the cultural differences .... hilarious show. 
I think Ash and I can relate to the show quite a bit. One of the biggest challenges Karl always faces is the obscure toilets, or lack thereof ... squatting, no toilet paper type of bathrooms. In later episodes you notice that he starts packing toilet paper with him. I learned quick when I first moved to Muscat ... always carry tissues and hand sanitizer. It has saved me many times. I've used bathrooms in places that are out in the middle of nowhere, in villages that have probably never seen a women without a veil on, let alone any toilet paper ...with just a hole in the ground. Thank god for tissues and sanitizer. 
Here's a clip of the show about his toilet issue in China ... super funny!!! 

Here are some pictures that I took recently of Oman.

This is a picture of the Sultan's boat


  1. Gotta love Karl Pilkington and his philosphies on life. Glad you guys like it. Sidenote: beautiful pictures...I wanna go on the Sultan's boat. Fun fact: While I was looking at these pictures for some reason that song from Aladdin popped into my brain. The one where he's making his big parade entrance into town to meet Jasmine. You know.

  2. good stuff honey! Gee i get mad when im in a stall that doesnt have a seat paper dispenser!Ive got one word for their public facilities---------------EEEEEEE-COOOOO-LLLLLLLL-IIIIII----


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