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There are a few things that I would like to cover in this blog. First, it's time to update you all on the traffic accidents here in Oman. Apparently Oman has just experienced their worst weekend for road mishaps for 2011. The local newspaper says that for October 6-7 they had 100 car accidents, 19 deaths, and 117 serious injuries. Wow. Obviously something has to change. From what Ash has told me, when you get into a car accident here, your insurance doesn't go up. Everyones insurance is the same price and stays at that price. So basically there are no consequences for your actions. Why am I not surprised? For the love of God, someone change this!
And I'm curious to know if out of the 19 dead and the 117 seriously injured were there any children under the age of 10? More often than not, I see little kids unbuckled jumping up and down in their seats and moms holding infants on their laps up front in the passenger seat. Laws need to be made/enforced in order to prevent tragedies like this from happening ... what is going on here???

Here's another crazy story. So a few weeks back a local kid (preschool or kindergarden age) fell asleep on a school bus and was forgotten about and then later died from the heat. This is a horrific story and it disturbs me and I'm sure many others feel the same way. Shortly after this, they ran an article in the newspaper, which was made up of interviews of local people chiming in with their thoughts on the story and whether or not they feel safe with their kids riding the school bus and ways to prevent this from happening and whose at fault, and so on. One person said (I can't believe that this was even printed) "We need to be careful about whom we blame. It was probably destined to happen..."
WHAT??? WHO SAYS THAT?? You can't Inshallah your way out of this one! This is a serious issue and someone needs to be held accountable for this HUGE mistake. Someones life was taken prematurely due to neglect and carelessness ... this should not have happened! Oman, this is a perfect time to fire someones ass and to create a new rule in the school bus drivers handbook to do a final walk through of the bus before a shift ends .. and then enforce the hell out of it!!

Man, is this blog a downer or what? Sorry, I just find both these stories equally interesting and frustrating.

And now for the third thing that I wanted to share ... drum roll please.
I'm flying home THIS saturday!! I'll be home Sunday afternoon (east coast)!! I am so needing this time to rejuvenate and spend time with family and friends and eat some good American food. I'm looking forward to adding pictures up of my family and friends and pictures of cape cod/ boston/ cranberry bogs during the next month and a half! Even though I'll be home visiting, I'll still be writing my blogs.
The only thing that I'm disappointed about is that Ash will not be able to join me but hopefully, if all goes as planned, he'll meet me in California sometime in December so we can spend time with his side of the family. I'm so excited to see everyone:-)

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