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You can thank me later for this one. I would like to introduce you all to Eliza Doolittle. 

I actually found Eliza Doolittle on accident. When I uploaded a video to youtube, I was checking out all of the suggested videos on the right hand side and Eliza's music videos came up since we have the same first name. I fell in love with her music immediately and so did Ash. You have no idea how many times Ash has crawled out of bed in the morning and has cranked up her tunes. Eliza is a british singer-songwriter and has a self titled album which was released in the UK back in 2010. She's actually pretty big in the UK and she is now trying to make a name for herself in the US. I love Eliza's singles ...Skinny Genes, Pack Up, Rollerblades, Mr. Medicine but she is also known for doing some great covers. I love an artist that can take a well known song and somehow revamp it in a way that it fits their style and it almost leads you to believe that they were the original artist to sing the song. She totally has that ability. If you're looking for some classic pop, old soul, retro feeling music, Eliza is right for you! 

Here is her biggest hit, Skinny Genes. I'm putting up the stripped down version (which is my favorite), however you can click HERE to watch the actual music video to the song. 

And here is her cover of coldplay's song Yellow. I LOVE THIS!!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! And if you are wanting to purchase some of her tunes, make sure to click on the link on the right side of my blog! 

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