Massachusetts Part3: Cranberry Bogs!

I've been driving around my hometown like crazy trying to find a cranberry bog being harvested so I can take pictures. I contacted everyone that I know that I think may have somewhat of an idea of the harvesting schedule. But this morning, my mom told me that they had a segment on the local news of a Makepeace bog being harvested not far from our house. I threw on any piece of clothing that I could find and headed out in search of one of the many Makepeace bogs that could have been featured on the local news earlier. Luckily, my first choice of the bog location happened to be right.
The Makepeace Company, which is based in Wareham, is the world's largest cranberry grower. Growing up we used to bring a paper bag with us to a bog that was being harvested and the workers would take it and fill it up with cranberries for free. My mom would freeze them and we'd have cranberry bread and muffins all winter long. Needless to say, the cranberry bogs are a great staple in Wareham, MA. 

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  1. Growing up in MA, we had a cranberry bog at the end of our street. During the winter, my family would ice skate on one. I didn't realize that they weren't all over until moving to Ohio, where people didn't even know what a cranberry bog was.


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