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Ash and I flew into San Francisco last week and we've been having a great time here on the West Coast. We were able to check out some cool things in the city and we've spent the past few days in Carson City, Nevada with Ash's grandparents, aunt and cousins. It was my first time meeting any of Ash's extended family and they were all very nice and welcoming! Here are some pictures of our time on the West Coast thus far!
The first picture on the left was a picture we took after a month of dating. The picture on the right we took a few days ago.

We got to walk the Golden Gate Bridge with Ash's dad. I absolutely loved it and the weather was perfect!

We also got to check out Coit Tower in San Francisco and were able to see a great view of the city. Coit Tower is designed to look like a fire hose and we climbed the Filbert steps (roughly 400) in order to get to it. It was really neat!


The flight of stairs that you use to get to Coit Tower is situated in the back yards of local residents. There were lots of cool houses and gardens to check out.

We saw some of the protestors in the Financial District

I love city lights

After our visit in San Francisco, we headed out to Carson City to spend some time with Ash's family and for an early Thanksgiving dinner ... we had such a great time! Here's a gorgeous view of the mountains from Ash's grandparents house. 

We did some outdoor shooting with about 10 people ... such a great time!
I love this picture that I took, by accident, of Ash's dad!

I'm so glad that we got to spend time with Ash's side of the family. There was lots of laughing, food and plenty of wine to go around!!

 Ash with his brothers and sister and dad.

Ash's brother Will and his wife, Linh

We even celebrated Ash's dads 50th birthday, which is next week!
I'll upload some pictures of Lake Tahoe in my next blog.

I love the west coast : )

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