Christmas, Turkey's and Jesus

How was everyones Christmas? Ash and I had a nice Christmas. This was our first REAL Christmas together. Every year one of us has had to work or, last year, we both had to work but we actually got to work together. I think we spent our last Christmas overnighting in Burlington, VT ... I think that's where we were, I just remember it was really cold and we got in a snow ball fight with our crew in front of a restaurant that we ate at. We decorated our luggage with christmas lights and glowing snowmen and I decorated my flight attendant galley with christmas decor as well ... hey, it was better than no Christmas at all!
Oh, I just found a picture of the glowing snowmen that we had last year.

But this year was nice. It was a little more traditional (as traditional as you can get in the Middle East). We made a nice dinner i.e. Turkey, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, bread and then for dessert we had some apple pie and ice cream. We kept it simple but it was a nice "first Christmas" for the two of us.

I have to give myself some props. Ash is a chef and is able to make a delicious meal out of anything. I, on the other hand, am not creative in the kitchen whatsoever but I had the responsibility of preparing everything and prepping the turkey and I did a damn good job, if I do say so myself! In a day and age when we have access to sites like google and youtube, everyone should be able to make a decent turkey!

But there is one thing that I've learned this Christmas that I think I could only know for sure after living in the Middle East ...

Jesus wasn't white. 

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