I Should Be Sleeping...

It's 1:35am in Muscat and I'm wide awake from the evil jet-lag that still has its grip on me. I considered taking a sleeping pill to help me fall back to sleep but instead I decided that i'd write a blog since I'm extremely over due. Geeez, my internal clock is so out of whack that I can't even remember what day it is. According to my computer it is Friday the 16th. I arrived back to Oman early Tuesday morning. I would say that I had a pretty brutal 2 days of traveling. 7 hr flight from Boston to Paris, followed by a 16hr sit in the Paris airport, then another 7 hr flight over to Oman. How exhausting.
Somehow I was able to check 2 big bags and my guitar for free. The guy at the ticket counter was being a complete douche but instead of feeding into his holiday madness syndrome, I acted super pleasant and thanked him a bazillion times for his help just so he wouldn't fuck up my bags on purpose. I've known flight attendants to check bags to the wrong destinations because the owner of the luggage was being a dick. If a flight attendant has that much power, I can only imagine what a ticket agent could do to me. So my holiday travel tip for the season: Treat everyone that has control over your bags, your seating arrangement and your beverages kindly... cause they have the power to sabotage your trip.
So back to my story, after much sucking up I somehow was able to get 3 pieces of luggage checked for free. My flight to Paris was average. It was a full flight and I dozed in and out the majority of the time. Once I actually got to Paris, I had a hell of a time finding a lounge that I was allowed to sit in without a boarding pass. The airline that I was continuing on didn't open their ticket counter until 3 hrs before departure. I eventually was able to find the Icare Lounge, which is decent but still not comfy enough for a 16hr sit. If I'm ever in this predicament again, I may just suck up the 199 EUR and get a hotel room. The lounge offered basic snacks and danishes and drinks. I was at least hoping for my own personal lounge chair but instead there were a bunch of hard, uncomfortable couches that I somehow managed to make into a little bed. It was kind of awkward with all of these business men and women walking in and out of the lounge for 3 hr sits and I was sprawled out on one of the couches like a homeless person. Oh and I have to mention, I was thankful for all of the French speaking people I'm around all of the time in Oman... I've been to Paris about 4 times this year and this was the first time that I encountered a lot of French people that didn't speak English very well. But I was able to get around with the little French that I've learned from my friends and I was able to understand the accent. I'm very grateful for that.
Here's a zombie airport lounge pic...

And then, 16hrs later, I was on my way to Oman. I was able to sit first class, which made traveling a little nicer. I've sat first class before but this was REAL first class ... the seats laid all the way back, you had your personal shuttle from the plane, unlimited whatever for 7hrs, food served on china. I wish I could say that I slept like a baby in my fully reclined airplane seat but I was still so restless ... I think I was so uncomfortable after all the traveling I had done, i.e. fat swollen feet, dry skin and throat, bloated, upset stomach. But after 7hrs, we landed in Oman and I was shuttled over to immigrations and then over to baggage claim (and my bags were the first out onto the carousal!), then I was greeted by my hubby and then back home we went. I was so happy to be back in my apartment. I took a long needed vacation but there's apart of me that missed Oman ... I can't believe I'm saying this. I think Oman is starting to feel like home to me and even though it's miles away from my native country, it's still home. I missed my cozy apartment and my bed and my little kitchen and the shower in my bathroom and the beautiful weather that we are having right now. And of course, I missed Ash a ton. I was ready to come back. I'm thankful for everything that I was able to do while home though. I spent time with everyone that I missed dearly, ate tons of pork, enjoyed plastic tampons (sorry, TMI), bought lots of cloths, ate lots of great food, rain ... etc. What a great trip!
Is it kind of sick of me to say that I kind of missed the crazy driving here too? When I was visiting I found myself going 85mph standard and Ash noticed that I was tailgating everyone... these are habits that I never had prior to Oman. But for some sick reason I missed this. Is that strange?

Did I ever mention that I got my nose pierced when I was home too?

I think leaving for as long as I did was needed for many reasons though. Partly because it gave me a chance to brainstorm what I would like to do while in Oman. I was able to practice a lot of photography stuff. I've already looked into classes to take here in order to better my skills. I even received some emails, while gone, from people that are interested in guitar lessons. I'm actually really looking forward to that. I even started weight watchers during the last couple weeks visiting. After eating everything in sight for the first month in the US, I decided it was time to make some changes. I have this little love pouch that I've acquired since being with Ash (and yes, I love to blame it on him!) but I've lost 10lbs so far and I'm feeling great. 
So now I have a new and better perspective on Oman and I'm hoping to really take advantage of the time that I have here. With that being said, I think I'll end this post with some pictures that I took of my cousins little girls. Miss you girls already! 

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