Life Lately

Ash and I hung out at the beach all day with some friends...

This is the Dive Center; it's one of the prettiest places to visit in Oman. It's a beach surrounded by mountains. When we go to the Dive Center we spend all day relaxing by the water, smoke some shisha, and order food from the little restaurant. Definitely makes for a fun, chill day.

We hung out with one of Ash's coworkers kids ... we had a lot of fun hanging out with people our own age!
Ash did some kayaking 

Christmas is near. And yes, they celebrate Christmas here. We weren't planning to purchase a Christmas tree but one of our friends had extra decorations and gave us them and we were able to find a small fake tree pretty cheap so it all worked out. Here's our first little Christmas tree...

Ash and I are planning to do our own little Christmas dinner this year. Turkey, stuffing and potatoes is on the menu.

And this is Ash's new toy...

I love being back here : )


  1. Merry Christmas guys! Looks beautiful there :)

  2. Thanks Nicky!! Merry Christmas to you guys as well!!


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