Classy Neighbors

woooooow, it's been a while since I posted last. I do apologize for that. I don't generally go a few days without blogging but I've been quite busy lately. My days have been consisting of:
  1. Spending lots of time at the gym
  2. Starting my new BerkleeMusic class
  3. Recovering from a workout injury (I was immobile for a few days)
  4. And doing wifey things
Being immobile probably sounds like a perfect time to write a blog but not only was I unable to walk, but I was in so much pain that any time I sat up, it felt like I was going to throw up. So I was in no condition to blog. But all is well now. I'm back to my daily routine and feeling normal again.

And during my absence I noticed that I've got a few new followers on bloglovin .... welcome, and thanks for the add! I need to get back to  my blogging so that I don't lose your interest!! : ) FYI: you can follow me on bloglovin too... just click HERE

I haven't talked much about my life here in Oman lately. Mostly because there were other things to talk about, i.e., the holidays, my vacation in the US. But it is now time to get back on track. I'm going to vent about some of our "lovely" neighbors....

Ash and I have been living in our flat for almost a year now. I absolutely love our place and love the view that we have. It's a fairly new complex and we were the first people to move into our building. Within the past 5months our building has filled up, which is fine. However we got some "lovely" neighbors that moved in above us about 4 months ago. This family has 2 kids (but with the amount of activity and noise that goes on, you'd think there were at least 6 kids.) The children are loud and obnoxious ... constantly running, yelling and crying right outside of our door. 

Sidenote: It's a great thing because every time I get the 'baby bug', I'm always forced to be around some kid that makes me grateful that I don't have any kids yet. Our neighbors kids are a constant reminder that birth control is, for sure, the greatest thing ever.

Another Sidenote: I probably just jinxed myself. 

Anyways, not only are these kids loud and obnoxious but now there are toys everywhere that literally surround our flat on the outside. I could possibly move past the whole toy thing but it gets worse ... they leave candy wrappers, paper drinking cups, tissues all around our place!! These bratty kids even wrote with marker on one of our front steps that leads up to our flat. 

The adults are effin worse!!!

I don't understand this mentality at all. In our country, it's completely illegal to leave trash on the ground. Of course it does take place in the US but here in Oman ... God, I don't know how many times I've been driving down the highways and I see someone chuck their Mcdonald's cup out the window. I mean, that's just a blatant, "I don't give a f***!" Geez, at least be somewhat discreet. 

But back to my story, you should see the trail of trash that these ADULTS leave around their car.... cigarette packs, newspapers, water bottles. And it's not like we live in some tacky, trashy neighborhood ... it's super nice!! 

But this pisses me off the most:

There's literally a garbage can right across the street but instead of walking the 10 yards, they prefer to leave it out front .... which is basically out in front of our flat. They want the workers, whose job is not to clean up their s***, to clean up after their filth. This has become a daily occurrence. 

So I've come to the conclusion that these are just some lazy people. If that isn't bad enough, once I saw them park their car, full of groceries, and get into the elevator to go upstairs and leave the poor little maid to bring everything up on her own. So sad. 

I'm always amazed at what slobbish thing they'll do next. I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do about the situation but until then, I guess I'll just blog about it. Ash thinks it's hilarious and his advice to me is to just blog about it too ... they're bound to do something else that'll blow my mind and I'm sure you'll find it entertaining. 

Any advice?? 

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  1. toys everywhere, 2 kids sounding like 6, crying being loud..thats not bratty, that sounds normal to me..hahaha..we never really tend to have patience for other children, but when it comes to our own, it all changes :)But a good reminder to wait huh ;)


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