Music Review: Ed Sheeran

I currently have Ed Sheeran playing softly in the background as I write this. A friend I made from my online schooling introduced me to his music about a month ago and I've been listening to his album like crazy ever since. There aren't many albums that I can listen to from begin to end without having to skip over some songs out of boredom but Ed Sheeran's album keeps me hooked the entire way through. He's got this acoustic pop, hip hop, rapper, beat boxing thing going on and I like it a lot. He's also an incredible songwriter (listen to his song 'Small Bump') ... heartfelt songs that obviously come from love and heartbreak. He's a British boy .... has anyone else been noticing all of the crazy talented people that have been coming out of London? You've got Eliza Doolittle, Jessie J, Adele ... need I say more? I think I need to move to London.

Why don't you go ahead and check out some of Ed's music down below and if you like his stuff you can head over to his website and if you sign up for his mailing list, you'll get a free copy of his EP.

This song is currently on repeat for me...

And this is sick

And this is just beautiful


  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog somewhere a few months ago and have been reading since. And I think I've listened to Ed Sheeran every day since you posted this. Thank you for sharing great music! :)

  2. Hi Tracey! Thanks so much for the comment! I'm glad to hear you're liking Ed Sheeran.... ugh, I never get tired of his music!! Also, you've reminded me that I'm waaaayyyy overdue for another Music Review ;-)


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