1 Year Anniversary (Part2)

(You can find Part 1 of the story HERE)

I went to bed that night feeling excited and nervous and wanting nothing more than to tell my mom all of this information. I knew the "adult" thing to do would be to take my time with making my decision but who was I kidding ... I knew what I wanted to do. The marriage thing was a no brainer for me but the moving to the Middle East thing was just crazy. But my mind was made up ... I would be getting married and moving to the Middle East.
We left Paris the next day. That was probably the longest 8hr flight I've ever been on. I couldn't wait to be back on US soil so that I could talk to my mom (yes, I tell her everything). As soon as we landed my speedy little texting fingers went flying across my iphone and within 3min, my mom knew everything. I bet "Ash asked me to marry him and we are moving to the Middle East" was a lot to process. :-)

Once Ash and I got through Immigrations, we rushed to our next flight back to Columbus. We were using our flight benefits at the time and unfortunately there wasn't a seat for me on the flight. Ash got a seat in the cockpit and headed home so that he could get everything ready for our trip to Cancun ... did I forget to mention that we were leaving for Cancun the following morning?
I sat in the airport for about 6hours waiting for an available flight. 6hrs was just enough time for me to fill my whole, immediate family, in on what was going on. Ash thought I should have waited but at the pace everything was going (and since I'd be out of the country again for a whole week!) I knew I had to let my family know.
Long story short, I made it on a flight back to Columbus and then flew out to Cancun around 5:30am the following morning.

Yes I took that picture.

We like to think of Cancun as our honeymoon. A little backwards but our situation isn't very traditional.

Ash's dad was in Cancun with us and we filled him in on everything as well and he was very supportive.  I think knowing that our families were so supportive and understanding made all the difference in the world for me. I was expecting people to freak out but I was pleasantly surprised by everyones reactions.

I think Cancun was definitely needed for the two of us. I don't think we realized the whirlwind that was just around the corner. We spent a lot of time in Cancun finding chapels in Ohio that would marry us, finding out all of the legal stuff for Ohio, and finding wedding bands. Ash was supposed to leave in less than two weeks... and half that time would be spent in Cancun. We had a lot of work to do and he and I both were a bit overwhelmed with the whole Middle East thing but this was the start of our journey together ... this is where our trust, closeness and love for each other really started to deepen. My respect and trust in Ash has grown so much in this past year. It's crazy how extreme circumstances can bring two people so much closer.
Anyhoo, back to my story. So we're having a great honeymoon in Cancun ...

After a week in Cancun it was now time to fly back to Columbus ... to get married. 

to be continued. 


  1. Such a crazy, spontaneous beginning of a marriage...and there is something so romantic about all of it! So proud and happy for you, you've always been one to make big things happen and I can't wait to see what you will do next! Love you! Happy Anniversary to you and Ash!!

  2. awwww that is really sweet Krissy ... Love you and thanks so much!


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