1 Year Anniversary (Part3) Final

(You can find Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE)

We finally arrive back in Columbus and there is SO MUCH to do. We had no idea which day Ash was supposed to leave. We had to get married and Ash had to pack and we had to figure out work related stuff for the two of us. CRAZY.

Even though life was insane, I still made sure Ash got permission from my dad to marry me. It meant a lot to me and I knew it would mean a lot to my dad. Of course my dad said yes (since he'd been wanting us to get married). But then...  (my dad is known for his unintentional awkward comments) .... my dad says, "Now you two can sleep in the same bed when you come here to visit".


And totally worth sharing in my blog.

Back to the real story...

Our original plan was to marry on Feb 21st but we didn't realize that it was President's day and that all of the government buildings were closed. We showed up to the court house bright and early in the morning only to be turned down by a security guard. I was really bummed but it just wasn't meant to be for Feb 21st. Instead we drove out to Indianapolis (about a 4hr drive), to take care of work related things.

After we drove back from Indy, Ash surprised me by taking me to the mall and letting me pick out a white dress. We had been so busy that we never even had a chance to actually get something decent to wear. We were just planning to wear something super casual. I loved being able to find a dress.

We got up bright and early the next morning and got all dolled up....

And then off to the chapel we went!

Yes, this was seriously on the wall. 

I don't think I've ever mentioned to anyone that I almost fainted just before we said our vows. I grew up singing in front of crowds and I've never felt faint before but here I am, about to get married, and I'm super nervous .... Ash and the chapel lady snapped me out of it. 

The service lasted for maybe 5min but I'll never forget it; probably because it's THE moment that I got married but it was really really special ... I didn't realize that it would be like that for me. 

The rest of the day ... and I literally mean the WHOLE entire day... was spent changing my last name on my social security card, passport, drivers license and finalizing the marriage certificate. Not very romantic but don't forget, Cancun was our honeymoon, remember? 

In the evening, I made chicken pot pie and then we ate our Giant Eagle wedding cake. 

And our rings came in a couple days later 

I feel so lucky to have ended up with someone that I admire so much. Ash is so hardworking, trustworthy and caring. He's someone that I can always count on and someone that I can trust to make sound decisions. I don't like to get all mushy but I'm just so thankful to have him in my life. I remember in the very beginning, just before he left for the Middle East, I was stressing about money ... we were spending so much money for the whole transition and I was so worried about losing the little security that I had worked so hard for. Ash came home from the store with these...

.... and asked me to trust him. He really has gone above and beyond to provide for us and he spoils the heck out of me lol. I'm a lucky girl.

1 week after we were married, Ash headed out to the Middle East. I stayed behind to pack everything up and to ship all of this stuff to my parents ...

2 months later I was off to the Middle East. 

Getting married one year ago was the best decision I've ever made. So happy for where we are in life. Happy Anniversary, Ash :-)


  1. Great story! Congratulations on year one of making one of life's most important decisions! God bless your family!


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