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I'm a bit behind with my blogging for this week. I generally like to blog at least 3-4 times a week but my time has been devoted to my class work for the past few weeks. I'm currently doing a music class that's way over my head and it's a huge struggle to finish the assignments each week but somehow I do it. Every ounce of my time has been used to figure this class out; I've got to take it one week at a time. Anyways, that is my excuse for my absence. But I will have you know, I'm constantly thinking of things to blog about, which is why todays blog is going to be filled with a bunch of random topics. Enjoy!

So a while back I went on a little rant about the terrible driving habits that I see here in Oman. Here's the LINK. The driving habit that disturbs me the most is children not wearing seat belts and babies being held in the front passenger seat. I think this is super super dangerous. The other day Ash and I were driving down the highway and we noticed a little infant being held in the front passengers seat in a car that was whizzing by us. Thought i'd snap a picture so you'll know that I'm not making up lies.

See, I wasn't lying!

On to the next topic....

My Patriots lost to the Giants again in the Super Bowl!
The morning after the Super Bowl, Ash downloaded the game for us to watch later on in the evening. He and I both avoided the internet like a plague all day long so that we wouldn't find out who the new Super Bowl Champions were. We put together a mini Super Bowl party for two, which included drumsticks covered in Hooters wing sauce (yea, that was a surprise to see on a supermarket shelf), chips and mexican dip, watermelon and grapes, and Crown Royal.

The food was delicious but the game sucked of course. I love my Patriots but the Giants were consistent all the way through and they did a great job.

Onto the next ....

Have I ever mentioned that the early morning, in Oman, is my favorite time of day? I'm not a big fan of the night time when it's necessary to use electricity to light your apartment. I prefer a good jolt of vitamin D. When I wake up in the morning and the sunlight is trying to fight its way passed our black out shades, I love opening them up and having this burst of sunlight bring some life to our apartment. It wakes me up ... along with my cup of coffee. Our apartment stays fully lit until about 5:30-6pm. Love it.

And last but not least ....

Ash went for a hike yesterday at Jabal Shams (aka The Grand Canyon) which is about a 2 1/2 hr drive from where we live. I opted out of this little day trip because generally any hike that Ash finds to be suitable ends up being deathly frightening to me. Don't get me wrong, his hikes are doable and probably quite enjoyable for most but I have a horrible fear of anything that is steep. Let me be clear, I'm not afraid of heights, I'm afraid of steep inclines. Believe it or not, there is a big difference. I'll never forget one of the first times that I met Ash's dad (I may have mentioned this story a couple times in my blog already) and we took a trip to Yosemite Park to hike up the mountain and to get in the general vicinity of halfdome. God only knows why I thought  I was capable of such a feat but I gave it my all. I got up the mountain with minimal issues but coming down, the part where I actually have to LOOK down, I panicked, cried hysterically, and thought my heart would give out from the anxiety I was now overcome with. Ash's dad was kind enough to hold my hand for the majority of the way down .... about 3hrs. Yup, that's when I knew I wanted him as a father-in-law.
So back to my original story...
I opted out of the "Grand Canyon in Oman" hiking experience but Ash made a day trip out of it and had a really good time. Here are just a couple pictures from his trip.

Ash said this goat is actually balancing on the tree. 

And that is the conclusion of my super long blog. Oh and fyi, my sprained foot is doing much better (from the post BELOW). I've been running about 3 miles a day but I'm not going any further because I don't want to over do it. And lastly, I'll be starting a weekly segment in my blog titled "Only in Oman" where I'll feature something ridiculous/funny that I feel that you can only find here. I think it'll be a fun weekly post. 

Until next time .... 

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