When I'm Skinny...

Remember a while back I mentioned that I had started weight watchers? It was mentioned HERE if you don't remember. Since then, I've lost a total of 22lbs and I feel incredible. Ash and I both work out like crazy at the gym ... we both generally run about 7miles a day.
However the last few weeks have been a little weird for me. It seems like I'm injuring myself every other day. I'm currently nursing a sprained foot back to health. I think I should be good to go in a day or so. I miss running and I'm determined to get the body that I want.  I love how the jeans that I just bought when I was home visiting are now too big for me. The transformation is pretty cool. I've had high cholesterol since I was 12. It's genetic but for the first time in my life, my levels are normal. It's an incredible feeling to finally know that I have control over my levels. I think the one thing that I've learned through all of this is that weight lose is not as difficult as I've led myself to believe. Trust me, If I can muster up the will power and endurance, you can too! You just have to start.
I still have a ways to go but I'm more than half way to my goal. Super excited! Once I'm at my goal size, I'll post before and after pictures. Until then, I'll show you my poor little sprained foot.... fyi: Tiger balm does wonders!

Ash bought me brand new running shoes the day that I sprained my foot. I can't wait to break these things in (pun not intended lol!)!

And if you're interested, I've started a board on Pinterest entitled 'When I'm Skinny' filled with outfits that I want to wear once I lose all of my weight. I don't have many outfits 'pinned' yet but I'll be adding things frequently. It keeps me motivated ... hey, anything that helps, right? Oh, and you can follow me on pinterest by clicking on the link that I have on the right side of my page.

But hopefully this little blog post can encourage someone with their weight loss goals. You really can do whatever you set your mind to ... just don't give up:-)


  1. hey liza!! ive been being healthy/working out for a mere 2 weeks now. I've only lost a couple pounds as of yet, but Im noticing I feel so much better already. Can't wait to see your before and afters! Im so proud! Good for you !!

  2. awwww that's great Nicky! It's crazy how just a few pounds actually makes a huge difference with endurance and what not. I never knew that before. Keep up the good work and I want to see before and after pics of YOU too!!!


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