Ash and I just got back from Bahrain. It was short trip ... Ash had to go for training and I tagged along to do some shopping. Oman does not have the greatest selection of any type of shopping. Generally you hear of people either going to Dubai or Bahrain for their shopping needs. When Ash headed off to training, I hopped in a cab and headed to the mall and got a ton of things for the both of us. I didn't have a chance to take too many pictures. Thankfully my taxi driver was pretty cool and stopped off at a few places for me to take some photos.

(Oh and just an FYI to anyone visiting Bahrain soon: don't believe all of the forums that say that the taxi drivers rip you off and that the meters don't work. I had a few different taxi drivers and the meters worked and I found the prices to be reasonable!)

One of the coolest things about traveling to different countries/regions are the road signs ... they have a way of reminding you of where you're at in the world.

Al-Fatih Mosque (Great Mosque)

At the Bahrain World Trade Center ... disregard the fat face angle.

The next time I'm in Bahrain I'm definitely going to check out the Souq. Overall, I think Bahrain is a great place to visit for an expat in the Middle East ... great shopping but not as overwhelming as Dubai. Don't get me wrong, I think Dubai is much more exciting but I get overwhelmed easily if I have too many options lol!

We are headed to Paris next week, so stay tuned for those pics! I'm hoping to finally get a pic with this beauty ... and preferably with a pose similar to this. (picture taken from HERE)

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  1. lovely photos & sounds like your travels are just amazing. have fun in paris! cant wait to hear (and see!) about it =)



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