100th Blog! Phi Phi Island

Since I just realized that this is my 100th blog, I think it's time for me to write a little thank-you note to my viewers...
I started this blog just about a year ago hoping to find a creative outlet and also to give me something to do with the countless hours I had on my hands when I first moved to Oman. Since then, Ash and I have settled in to our new home and have adjusted quite well to our new surroundings. It has been a stretching year for a newlywed couple but so rewarding at the same time. We've seen a lot, learned a lot and have been on many adventures but we also have had our share of growing pains as well. Throughout the year I've tried to share our experiences with you, the good and the bad, to the best of my abilities. Thank-you to all of our faithful readers, and all of the wonderful encouragement along the way. You gave me something to do with my time!
Remember, always take risks and enjoy life to the fullest ... it's most rewarding that way ;-) 

Here's to 100 more! 


100th blog continued ...

I once went on a date with a boy that made me watch the Leonardo Dicaprio movie, The beach, where he goes to Phi Phi island for the summer. The entire time, my date talked about how he wanted to be just like this kid that Leonardo Dicaprio was portraying...

Barf ...

I hated the movie, I was bored stiff, and did I mention that I hated the movie? I hate movies that are about young college kids that decide to be hippies for a while... like the movie Into the Wild. Was it really necessary to kill yourself just to be one with nature? So stupid. In my opinion, appreciate the money that mom and dad have, take advantage of the opportunity and put yourself through college, get a decent job that can fund exotic trips and enjoy life. Stop acting like all the money and expectations mom and dad have for you is such a burden. There are many people, such as myself, that wish my college tuition was paid for. Take it, appreciate it, and be happy.

The only reason I mention that date is because Ash has teased me about it a couple times because he knows how much I hated it ... and of course he had to bring it up as we were approaching Phi Phi island. "Look, this is the island from that movie your boyfriend made you watch!" ... "Dammit Ashlan, he was NOT my boyfriend!"
We took a boat ride over to the island, which was full of little college dropouts and hippie hopefuls ... just like Leo's character. Barf again.

The island is beautiful ... I'm not a big fan of touristy areas though. The millions of people and all of the natives trying to get you to buy their t-shirts, food, taxi rides, massages, etc. Actually, I find that I'm harassed more when Ash is with me ... Ash is white and therefore is automatically rich. If I'm all by myself, I'm kind of brown and I'm a woman, which seems to mean that I have no money. haha. "You buy, mam' ... your husband is rich!"

Too funny.

I hate this picture of myself but I must show proof that I too was on Phi Phi Island. 

now quit trying to be hippies.

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  1. congrats on so many blog posts!! huge accomplishment! LOVE you thailand video & photos! my husband and i are going on a "belated honeymoon" to asis, thailand included, later this year. i will probably talk to you more for suggestions and recommendations when it comes closer :)



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