Pretty in Paris

Is loving Paris a cliche? I feel like it is. I found Paris to be a little overrated the first time I went but each time I visit, I seem to fall more in love with it. When you step out of the hustle and bustle of tourists and peak into the lives of the locals, you find yourself almost enchanted ... like you're apart of a Hollywood movie set. The clothing... the bicyclist carrying a freshly made baguette in their cute little basket ... the absolutely beautiful pure bred dogs ... the mouth watering fruit stands.
Could you get anymore adorable, Paris?
On top of that, everyone is pretty in Paris. So many different looks and features but everyone is attractive in their own way. The women don't try too hard too look pretty. Their look is simple, natural and they always embrace their uniqueness. It makes them all so beautiful and elegant.

So yes folks, I too love Paris.

We headed to Paris for a couple days to meet up with Ash's family. Ash's dad also brought our new sleek and sexy 7D canon camera with all of the fun new lenses. Is it possible to be sexually attracted to a piece of equipment? I'm so turned on by this thing. So my blog post will be filled with pictures from our trip and pictures of Ash and I learning how to use the camera.

Remember I mentioned HERE that I wanted to take some pictures of the Lourve? Well, when Ash and I got our camera, we had purchased the wrong memory card. So we spent the first part of our day trying to find a CF card, which we ended up finding later on in the day. I took pictures of the Lourve with a disposable camera (go figure, right?). I'll have those developed soon and I'll make a separate blog post about the Lourve ... I'm super excited to see those pictures. Crossing my fingers they come out okay!

During this trip we visited the Arc de Triomphe and climbed the 284 steps to the top!

View from the top!

The spiraling staircase looking up. 

The hustle and bustle of the metro station
While walking around we came across this little fella' ... these lyrics popped into my mind so I added them into the picture. 

Ash acted like the paparazzi the entire time ... we are very excited about our camera. 

I'm high fashion, bitches... Louis Vuitton
Bre looking adorable...

One of our many forms of transportation ... lots of walking and buses! 

I was able to snap one picture in the Louis Vuitton store before I was told not to take anymore ... living on the edge, folks. 

The cute little apartment we stayed in .... Oh and showing off our wide angle lens lol :-)

More pictures of the Lourve to come and make sure to follow me on Bloglovin'.... click HERE if you would like to follow me! 

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  1. yay, i love all the photos! keep 'em comin!! =)



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