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For those of you that are not friends with me on Facebook, I've been in Thailand for the past week .... which is why I've been MIA. We spent the first 5 days in Bangkok and we have been in Phuket for a couple days now. We have about a week left in Phuket and then we'll be finishing up in Chiang Mai. As you can imagine, I've been taking a ton of pictures and will continue to do so, but I haven't had a chance to upload photos from our camera. Instead I've decided to share my iphone instagram pictures with you. Enjoy!

On our way to Bangkok and flying in style!  

Early morning view from our hotel in Bangkok. 

First vacation drink ... cheers!

One of the best parts of our trip so far was the water festival which is celebrating the Thai new year. Most people carry a water gun. Some people are a little more intense and have buckets of water or they're sitting on street corners with a hose ... the chances of you going out and NOT getting wet is very slim. They also smear a mixture of powder and water on your face ... not sure what it signifies. We went to a crazy part of town where everyone was celebrating. We bought a couple water guns and had a lot of fun. There was even a huge section that was completely covered in soap suds that everyone was getting into. Such a blast. Unfortunately I don't have any iphone pictures of that part (understandably so) but we had a water camera that we used but I'll have to wait to get those buggers developed. Here's a picture I took once I got back to the hotel ... I was completely drenched. 

We drank a lot, walked a lot, ate a lot of delicious food, took a lot of taxi rides. We even checked out some of the wild nightlife, Soi Cowboy to be exact. Google it if you're curious. I danced on stage with some ladyboys ... yes, kinda wish I had some pictures but I was cameraless that night. There was even a ladyboy that wanted to steal Ash from me. haha Oh geez, what a night. 
That concludes my Bangkok iphone photos. 

Views during our flight to Phuket. I haven't seen clouds like this since flying in the US.

Seconds before landing

The view from our hotel room ... the pool is connected to our deck. 

Getting highlights. They came out fine but I've decided that I want a lot more. I'll do that during my next visit to the States though. 

pretty drinks that Ash made

we have a ways to go with the vodka. 

great massages and great food can be found on this road. I don't want this vacation to end!

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