Thailand Iphotoed

We are still in Thailand and I thought I'd update again with some iphone photos. I'm currently sitting in my hotel room waiting for my breakfast to settle before I hit the gym. Ash is out scuba diving. I don't really know how scuba diving works with the whole equilibrium with your ears but I used to get horrible swimmers ear when I was younger... it actually got infected once and I lost my hearing in one ear for about a year ... so I'm kinda petrified to try anything that'll cause me to go anymore than 4ft under water. But that little adventurous husband of mine is probably having the time of his life right about now. So I'm planning to spend my day doing school work and swimming in the pool.
Since I last updated, Ash and I have had a blast ... we rented a motorbike for a few days and took a trip up north along the coast to check out all of the beaches. It was a long day and me arssss and legs felt like they were going to fall off by the time we got back to our hotel but I'd totally do it again. We also took a Thai cooking class where we made green curry chicken, spring rolls, and a chicken stir fry. Absolutely delicious ... I just hope I can remember how to make it once we get back to Oman. And my final pictures will be of Phi Phi island. We took a boat ride out there and hung out on the island for a few hours. By this point we were both exhausted from the long motorbike ride that we had just taken, so we didn't do much exploring. We did a bit of swimming and that's about it.

This is a picture of one of the many midnight thunderstorms that we have witnessed since being here. They are SO intense! The thunder sounds like bombs exploding and the rain drops are super big. Such a nice break from the desert. 

Look mom, no helmet! Me being ballsy on the back of the motorbike.

My sorry attempt at getting a group photo. 

Thai cooking class... Ash made his dish super super spicy. Even the teacher was impressed. 

I somehow made my chef attire look thuggish. ugh. 

My masterpieces. 

Setting off on our little motorbike road trip!

We got caught in a little rain storm, so we took a small lunch break.

Some of the sites along the way

The last beach we got to before heading back.

I'll go ahead and make a separate blog for Phi Phi island ... make sure to check it out! 
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