Summer Colors

Well, I think I can say that summer is officially here in Oman. The other day it reached a whopping 116F! The humidity is also making an appearance now ... In June we'll have some scorching hot humid days. Uhhh, and it's just beginning.

There's not much to update on. I'll be headed back to the US in a couple weeks for my little sisters highschool graduation. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone but dreading the travel. Unlike last time I went home, there will be NO 16hr sits in Paris this time ; -) My longest sit is 5!

So, I thought I'd just share some pictures of new things ... I'm excited to start wearing all of the bright summer colors and hairstyles!!

I found this cute new hairstyle on Pinterest. You can click HERE to find out how to do it yourself. Super cute!!

Ash and I spent some time by the pool the other day ... just a few pics with the new camera: ) Absolutely loving this 50mm lens ... no photoshop necessary!

The message Ash had engraved on my Ipod 'I love you, Pumpkin' ... you're probably starting to figure out why my blog is called PumpkinPolarBear

After 1 year of being in Oman, I finally found a place for my pictures and some of the things we've picked up on our travels.

We got the umbrella and the painting in Thailand. 

That's about it. I do have one quick question for any of you hairstylist ... I want to either dye my hair completely or get a heavy highlight when I get home. I've never colored my hair that much but I need something lighter for when I wear my hair curly. The hard part is, I want something that'll blend well for when my hair grows out. I'm not the type of person to keep up with the maintenance. Any suggestions?? Any color ideas? Help! 

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