A Little Recap

I've been back in Oman for almost a week now. Long tiring trip as usual but still not as bad as my last trip home. As you can imagine, I'm still adjusting to the time change but after doing this a time or two, I'm able to adjust in under a week ... yea, I can't believe it either. The first time I traveled to Oman, it took me a whole 2 weeks!
I've been spending my time recouping and finishing my last week of assignments for my song writing class. I've done a bunch of writing in the past 12 weeks but I've learned a ton. I just found out a couple days ago that I won a small scholarship at BerkleeMusic, which is incredible and will help out a lot. I'm glad I'm getting the opportunity to study music.

And while I have your attention, I have one question for my viewers ... why am I getting so many views from Russia?? All my Russian viewers, leave me a comment, let me know how you found me!! The suspense is killing me!

My time home was great and I thought I'd share some pics of my sisters high school graduation. My facebook friends have already seen these pictures but I know my blog viewers haven't.

She had a little party at her favorite chinese restaurant

Love you, Jaylen and congratulations!

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