My Whereabouts

I apologize for being so absent lately from my blog. There's been a lot of things going on and I decided to sit down and fill you in ...
I traveled back to the USA a couple weeks ago. I have some exciting news that I'll be announcing hopefully very soon. And no, I'm not pregnant ... Guess again! I hope I can share the news within the next couple days. Stay tuned!

I flew into London this time around. I've never been to London before and I happened to fly in the day after the Olympics ended. Didn't do that on purpose. There were Olympians everywhere... it was pretty cool! By the way, London has a pretty decent lounge for £35. You're able to sit in the lounge for 3 hours and includes free drinks, food, and decent seating. Much better than the lounge in Paris.

British Airways planes

The one gold medalist I saw. He's from the Bahamas and his team won gold in the relay race.

I haven't spent the summer on Cape Cod in a very long time. I've missed it. The Cape comes alive with tourist and locals. It can also get pretty hectic with all the traffic and highway speed limits that max out at 55mph. 

But it's views like this that make it all worth it and remind me of how lucky I am to be from these parts.

I've missed Cape Cod decor, sunlight, trees, air .. etc. 

And how could I forget yummy Dunkin's Boston Kreme Donuts? 

My sister turned 18 a week ago and got a tattoo. She's also going skydiving tomorrow ... she's a brave kid. 

I took a little stroll around Pier 1 ... one of my favorite stores. Came across this beautiful airplane. I think I like model airplanes more than my pilot husband. 

Pretty flowers delivered today from my husband. Miss you.

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