Our Weekend

We've had a fun weekend and I thought I'd upload some pictures from the past couple days. The weekend here kinda of stretches out from Wednesday to Saturday, depending on the business. Ash and I are still on the Saturday and Sunday weekend schedule and haven't quite switched over yet. So when i refer to our weekend, I'm referring to Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday night we went to Kargeen for dinner. Ash and I really like the food at Kargeen. You can get more of a traditional style arab meal, which is cooked nicely, or variety of other things like pasta or pizza. Believe it or not, we go for the arab meals ... we've been Middle Easternized!!!
Since Ramadan is in session, you're not able to find many restaurants that are serving food, you have to wait until sunset (they fast from sunrise to sunset). Most restaurants open around 7pm. We both starved ourselves all day so that we could indulge in all of this ...

(picture1: dips for the flat bread. picture 2: ginormous flat bread. picture 3: shawarma with fries. picture4: meat platter, which comes on a small grill.)

This picture is a little better at showing the size of the flat bread.

Earlier today, Ash and I checked out the new bowling alley. It's always nice to have something new to do in Oman! 

But I must say, the coolest thing we did all weekend was rock climb!! A friend of ours built a rock wall in his house. It's pretty intense. I've never rock climbed before and I was super hesitant to try but I'm glad I did ... it's a lot of fun. But God, it's hard!! 

The pictures don't even do the wall justice. Maybe next time I'll bring something better to shoot it with instead of my iphone. 


And that was our weekend in a nutshell :-)

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