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During my last visit home I did our first day of filming for House Hunters International (More Info) and I also was interviewed by the Wareham Courier, which is the paper in my home town. I finally found the online link to the article and thought I'd go ahead and paste it here for all you non-Wareham residents to read :-)

By Caitlin Russell

If you really want to see the world, joining the military or going to college don’t have to be the only routes.
Eliza Richardson of Wareham was working at a bank and feeling stuck when she heard about a job fair that was featuring employment for flight attendants. She went to check it out, wound up with a job, and changed the trajectory of her life dramatically.
Now 24, she married a pilot and is living the expatriate life in Muscat, Oman, which is that Middle Eastern country’s capital. Eliza and her husband Ash’s love story will be featured on a future episode of House Hunters International, which airs on the Home & Garden Television channel and tells the stories of couples who have moved abroad and their trials and tribulations finding housing and adjusting to different cultures.
“It definitely was a culture shock at first. Everything was different, shopping, driving … one nice thing is that everyone speaks English.”
House Hunters International discovered her story via her blog, “Pumpkin Polar Bear.” Her husband calls her “pumpkin” and he’s her “polar bear,” hence the name.
She and her husband were both working for American companies, when he went to Paris to be interviewed for a job with an Omani airline.
“My husband and I went to Paris so he could interview and that night he proposed to me and asked me to move to Oman.”
Oman is a stable country in the Middle East. However, her husband moved there for his new job just as the Arab Spring was erupting, causing some apprehension. But, according to Eliza, they’ve never had any issues. Every now and then they’ll get an advisory from the American Embassy warning them not to travel to a certain country.
Living overseas may take some getting used to, but for some people it’s the only way to live.
“I just got to a point where I felt kind of trapped … I’ve always wanted to live internationally,” Eliza said.
To follow Eliza’s story, check out her blog at http://pumpkinpolarbear.blogspot.com/.

Read more: Airline job lands Wareham woman in Oman - Wareham, MA - Wicked Local Wareham http://www.wickedlocal.com/wareham/features/x764814015/Airline-job-lands-Wareham-woman-in-Oman#ixzz26nHAvlNw

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