House Hunters in Oman

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were our filming days here in Oman. For those of you that don't know yet, Ash and I have been filming an episode for House Hunters International. If you didn't catch my announcement, click HERE.

The filming days were very looonnnnggg but it was a really neat experience and I enjoyed it a lot. I don't know if I could say the same for Ash though. I think this was a little out of his comfort zone and it didn't help that prior to filming he worked an overnight shift ... he was horribly tired the entire time. Thankfully he was a trooper and pulled through.

I'm hoping we'll have something great to look back on and that this will be a way for friends and family to get a little glimpse into our lives from the other side of the world.

I thought I'd go ahead and share a bunch of photos that I had people take for me during filming. I'm not going to reveal any info about our episode ... just behind the scenes pics with our crew.

(L-R: Andrea- Director, Matt-Segment Producer, Ash and I in the middle, Jeremy- Sound Engineer, Paul-Camera)

Our crew, by the way, was fantastic. We had a great time working with everyone. It makes it a lot easier to do interviews when you're around good people, that's for sure!

Carlos was a hit and performed all his tricks for the camera. Maybe we'll get a pedigree deal? ... I'll keep dreaming...

I loved being able to film with friends that I've made since being here. It was nice to be able to include people closest to me throughout all of the filming. I really do appreciate everyones support and help during our filming days. Heather and Colin took Carlos for 4 days in a row!!

While filming, Heather and I made some fans :-)

Now I'm trying to catch up on all my sleep while chasing after a puppy ... I'll keep you posted with the airing date!! 

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  1. The pictures look great! Soo excited for the episode! X


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