Play Dates

Goodness, where do I begin?

Sorry for not posting any blogs recently. Ash and I have been super busy and my blog topics keep piling up. I was considering doing one HUGE post but then decided that that sounded obnoxious. So instead I'll have about 3 blogs spread out throughout the week. A lot to update you all on!

This is Carlos's girlfriend, Penny. Yes, my puppy is best friends with a 1 year old German Shepherd ... how cute is that? They play for hours on end, which is good for me because Carlos then sleeps like a rock throughout the night.

Penny's mama happens to be my good friend Heather ... so it's a win win situation!
We set up a little play date at my house the other day. After being outside for just a few minutes, we had formed a little neighborhood dog park.

Carlos loved all of the attention ...

Pretty Penny ...
Look at that little face :-)

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